"With so many pigeons, there is dirt even if it is cleaned"

"We have quite a few pigeons, they are concentrated above all in the Plaza de los Ganxets, and, no matter how much they clean, it is impossible for there not to be dirt," explains the president of the Associació de Veïns de Jardins de Reus, Amaia Magallanes. Recently, a resident of the area contacted this newspaper to denounce the accumulation of excrement in some of the public benches that overlook Marià Fortuny Avenue. It is, specifically, the ones closest to the bus stops, while at least yesterday the rest were kept clean.

When asked about it, Magallanes points out that "in Teresa Pàmies i Beltran street, there is a place completely flooded with pigeons and the problems also come from there". In the lower ones there are remains of meshes presumably placed to prevent the access of birds, although precarious.

“It is empty, pigeons have been coming in there for years, we have warned and the owner is being looked for but it seems that it is difficult to find him,” says the neighborhood president, who explains that the presence of these birds “affects the terraces of the bars ».

Magallanes recalls that "before the summer, the City Council carried out work to control the proliferation in the square" and "it seemed to work but, over time, they return." "The truth is that there are now a lot, perhaps more than in other times," he adds.

Jardins de Reus appears on the city map as one of the concentration areas for urban birds. Asked about it, municipal sources indicate that «since 2019, the City Council has been working on the ethical control of the pigeon population through two actions: one long-term, with sterilizing feed dispensers; and the other, through specific controlled captures».

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