“We are the only ones that offer this service”

What are the origins of the company?

I had a transport agency that, due to health problems, I had to leave in 2017. From then on, I entered the world of drones, I studied the market. We started with the audiovisual, but we soon moved on to industry and agriculture, where we found our niche. We also work with a vocation for public service, we have collaborated with the security forces in searches for missing persons, etc.

What is your innovative project?

As a result of installing solar panels at home, I found the problem with cleaning. I had to look for life and maintenance was complicated. I went to the workshop and, together with a colleague, we devised a flying machine for cleaning with pressurized water, using a drone. We did tests, it went well and we saw the business opportunity, being able to offer the cleaning and maintenance of the plates at an affordable price. We offer this year's service.

Why have they been presented to the call for the awards?

I saw that there was no other company that offered these services with drones. Our drones are built by ourselves and equipped to perform the functions we want to offer. I applied because I saw that we are the only ones in the peninsula that offer this service, especially with such a complete pack. In addition, we do everything here, in Cambrils.

What does it mean to have become finalists of the contest?

We have had a very complicated first few years, with problems flying, devoting effort and resources. The farmers did not trust us at first, we did tests that came to nothing. We have had a bad time. We were presented with the opportunity of the contest and decided to prove, in the end, we are innovative and sustainable. We did not expect to be finalists and, when we found out, it was a moment of maximum joy, as if we had won. It is worth everything to see that our work has been recognized, it makes us very proud. Drones are nothing new, but I think we have approached it in a way that is unique.

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