Vila-seca implements free parking areas limited to 15 minutes

Vila-seca City Council is preparing a revolution in the parking system of the main shopping streets of the town. Since this Monday, many parking spaces have begun to be painted orange, with markings with the number 15, which will be the maximum parking minute limit that will be established during business hours. The measure has raised some discomfort and confusion among the residents, while from the town hall they explain that it is an action that aims to encourage the rotation of vehicles without having to resort to payment systems.

The operation of these new orange zones will be with the Parking application. Users will have to validate their stay through their mobile phones and the system will also be linked to the Local Police to control that the parking time is fulfilled. Even so, from the consistory they insist that the objective is not to collect or fine, but to make the current parking spaces more dynamic. In this sense, this system also aims to facilitate the work of delivery vehicles.

This new method will not be activated until the end of November. Beforehand, new vertical signage will be installed to explain the operation of these areas and an information campaign will be carried out on the street to make the public aware of all these developments.

The 15-minute limit will be in force only during business hours and, after 8:00 p.m., you can park in these spaces without limit until the next morning. Also, this new method of parking intends that users can also take advantage of the loading and unloading areas as parking spaces. Thus, outside the hours set exclusively for these uses – from 8 to 11 in the morning – cars will also be able to park in these spaces for 15 minutes.

The new system will be activated at the end of November and will work through a mobile app

This Monday they began to paint these new orange squares in various points of Vila-seca, which has made it become the talk of the town. “If parking is going to be removed, the minimum is to make more spaces, even if it is a little further away, like behind the Castle,” says a resident of Tenor Josep Forasté street. «Here we already put up with all the limits on Wednesday nights due to the market and the summer months that close half the street. I think that with the loading and unloading that there was, it was enough », she adds. “It seems that they want to create a problem where there was none. In 15 minutes you don't have time for anything. If it was already difficult to find parking, now it will be worse, "predicts another resident in the area.

For his part, the mayor, Pere Segura, states that "I understand the concern it has generated, but what we want is to do new things to improve mobility and it has no collection purpose." In this sense, he details that “it is a 100% free system that will serve to make parking spaces more flexible. That people can stop and unload the purchase at home, go to do some management or energize the commercial axes ».

For now, these squares have already been painted in several streets of the Colomí neighborhood and the Historic Center and it is expected that in the coming days it will continue to be extended to fifteen streets and squares throughout the town. The areas that will be transformed from white to orange are in the streets Conde Sicart, Tenor Josep Forasté, Anselmo Clavé, Requeto de Félix, Tarragona, Vic, Santiago Rusiñol, San Jorge, Riera, Font and Joan Maragall, as well as the avenues Francesc Macià, Ramón de Olzina, the Rambla Catalunya and the Voltes and Països Catalans squares.

'smart' measurements

This first step is included within a more ambitious project that aims to introduce new technologies to implement an intelligent parking system. Thus, later on these orange zones will be equipped with sensors –some of which can already be seen installed–, which will make it possible to know in real time the occupation of each space, as well as the period of permanence of each vehicle. These sensors will serve both to notify users on their mobile, and to provide information to the Local Police.

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