Unlocked the second phase of irrigation in the area of ​​the torrents and the orchards of Valls

The Irrigation Community of Valls begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After years of stoppages and different obstacles, the second – and final phase – of the pressurized irrigation project that affects the area of ​​the torrents and the orchards of the municipality is finally unraveled.

This was announced by the mayor of Valls, Dolors Farré, in the plenary session held last Monday following a motion presented by Junts per Valls and Esquerra Republicana-Compromís per Valls. In this motion they asked to modify Royal Decree-Law 10/2022 of May 13 to lower the cost of electricity in this community.

Farré took advantage of the occasion to announce that "the efforts that had been made during the summer have borne fruit, and in the coming weeks the works will resume."

It should be noted that this project had been stopped for six years, since its start was delayed due to disagreements between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Generalitat. The intention is to allow the supply of irrigation water to 200 hectares.

And it includes the channeling of the Marsala irrigation channel, the regulation pond, the installation of the remote control and the pipe network. The mayor celebrated the "good news" with the entire council.

Who also celebrated it was the president of the Irrigation Community of Valls, Esteve Bou, who assured that "we were tired of fighting against the administration and not being able to get out of it".

He explained that this had caused them different grievances such as "not being able to plant some winter plants by individuals, who then went to the cooperative, or the hazelnut harvest had been lost."

He affirmed that it is a work that they need, but they still do not know when it will start, although on November 9 they have a meeting with the company that must execute the project. And they hope that they will be given the dates there.

Phase 2, which has a cost of 4.2 million euros, was stopped due to the challenge of one of the companies participating in the tender for the award. Since then, the final resolution of the Catalan Public Sector Contracting Court of the Generalitat has been pending.

Now, it seems that everything will go ahead, leaving behind the stoppages that this project has been adding.

Electricity costs three times

The Valls City Council unanimously approved the motion presented to ask the Government of the Spanish State to modify the Royal Decree that establishes a mechanism for adjusting production costs to reduce the price of electricity in the wholesale market.

According to the irrigation community, their electricity bill has multiplied by three and the costs are very high. Therefore, they believe that this measure punishes the sector.

In addition to this, from the Valls City Council they asked the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Generalitat to initiate various initiatives to eliminate this tax on the irrigation community and recognized the importance of the work of the peasantry throughout the territory.

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