Torredembarra finalizes the project to recover the Alpha and Omega sculpture

The horizon of Torredembarra will change again, if everything goes according to plan, throughout this 2023, when the Alfa i Omega monument rises again on the Bloc of the torrense coast. This is, at least, the intention of the City Council, as long as the cost of building the structure, which we remember amounts to 153,500 euros, is included from the start in the 2023 municipal budget.

For now, the work to recover the monument is going from strength to strength. In this sense, on October 14, the Consistory contracted the drafting of the executive project to the company Centro de Proyectos de Infraestructura, Planeamiento, Servicios y Activididades SL (CEDIPSA SL) for an amount of 7,260 euros (VAT included). According to City Hall sources, the document must be ready "in a maximum of 3 weeks." From here, "we will adjust the total cost of construction according to metal prices in the market, and we will include it in the 2023 budgets." In this sense, the mayor of Torredembarra, Eduard Rovira, has assured that "with the executive project closed, we will look at how to finance and execute it."

Eduard Rovira: «With the executive project closed, we will now look at how to finance and execute it»

As for the terms of construction and installation of the monument, Rovira has limited himself to pointing out that "we have planned an installation project", but its execution will depend "on the time of year in which we are in which the climate and the state of the sea allow to place the structure" and, in addition, that there is "sufficient availability of the specific machinery that is needed".

A work from 1999

The Alfa i Omegra presided over the Torredembarra Bloc from 1999 to 2018, the year in which it was dismantled due to its deterioration. The work, created by the artist Rafael Bartolozzi, was installed on the occasion of the meeting of mayors of the Països Catalans to commemorate 20 years of democratic city councils.

The Alpha i Omega sculpture that will stand on the Bloc is a replica of the original, although with small variations "in terms of materials," as specified by the Torrense mayor. In this sense, the new sculpture will be "externally more protected to prevent erosion and deterioration suffered by the original."

Beyond this detail, it is a metal structure 12 meters high and weighing approximately 6,900 kg. To manufacture it, carbon steel plates 15 or 20 millimeters thick will be used and it will be protected with two layers of epoxy and one of polyurethane, materials that are used especially in the construction of structures subjected to waves.

Rovira: «The installation will depend on whether the weather and the state of the sea allow us to place the sculpture»

As for the cost of construction and installation initially planned - and while waiting to know the current prices of the materials -, this includes 85,000 euros for the material itself, another 1,500 for loading and unloading, 2,000 more for special transport, 40,000 euros for installation , 10,000 for anchor reinforcement, and another 15,000 for the installation project.

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