Tony Moog; 'I don't understand that there are people who consume humor and get angry'

Toni Moog (Barcelona, ​​1971) has built a path full of prestige in the world of comedy. He defines himself as a comedian more than as a stand-up comedian and has performed for 14 seasons on the Pepe Rubianes stage at Barcelona's Teatre Capitol. This Friday he will offer his show at the Nights of Monologues of the Retreat, in Cambrils.

There are those who say that you are the successor of Pepe Rubianes.

I have never claimed it, I have always maintained a deep respect for it. In fact, once, when I was one night away from equaling his record for uninterrupted performances at the Capitol, I gave up doing that performance so that his record would remain intact. He is undoubtedly a reference for me, an important person.

Did he give you any advice?

We talked about a lot of things, but I always think of the conversations we had about naturalness, about being yourself on stage and avoiding constant acting, not looking like you're reciting. He considered it crucial for the show to have a proper meaning and spontaneity and confirmed that opinion. When he died I got to use his dressing room and he gave a lot of respect. I remember a lot about him.

And, how have you managed to continue surprising the public in a stage as mythical as the Capitol?

I do not consider myself a conformist humorist. I have more than ten different shows and I try to renew them often. That gives me continuity and the ability to surprise the public. There are colleagues who work on the same text for years, in my case I prefer to create new shows. It is not customary to have more than ten.

How do you define yourself? Comedian, stand-up comedian, actor...

I don't like the word monologist too much, the monologue is a genre of humor, I consider myself a humorist. You know, we comedians have managed to get people who had never set foot in a theater to come. Our shows escape a bit from the classic version of the theater, where you have to maintain a deep silence and you can barely eat a few popcorn. When they come to a monologue adapted to the theater they can drink their beer and not stop laughing out loud.

Some accuse him of being a whirlwind on stage.

I'm going to cut my throat a little, I admit it. For me, the best compliment they can give me after a performance is to tell me that they have not rested during my performance, that they have laughed constantly. With that, all the work I've done is worth it.

Do you understand that there are people who go to a comedy show and get angry?

I honestly don't understand. When you consume humor, you first have to analyze that word, and humor is fiction. I recognize that the issue has become very sensitive in recent years and you have to be careful with certain things, although I have never stopped being the usual rogue humorist.

Have there been many complaints?

None. Since I started in this I have not seen myself in court.

I have read that his performances have caused more than one childbirth.

Some girls who have come to see me pregnant have written me emails afterwards telling me that after the show they had to go directly to the hospital because of the laughter. They are curious anecdotes that occur during so many years of experience, and there are many more in history.

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