Three and a half years in prison for robbing twice in a store in Reus

A man, with various convictions for robbery, has now been sentenced again, this time to three and a half years in prison for a continuous crime of robbery with force in an establishment open to the public outside opening hours. He entered to steal twice in the same business in Reus. The sentence of conformity of the Second Section of the Provincial Court of Tarragona states that half of the sentence will be served in Spain, while the rest is replaced by his expulsion from the national territory, to which he will be prohibited from returning for seven years.

And as civil liability, you will have to pay the owner of the establishment 3,909.3 euros for the damage caused to the blind and the access door of the premises, 2,786.13 for the amount of the effects of the premises damaged by the defendant (cash registers , printers, ticket detectors and monitors), 1,089.55 for the value of the effects stolen and not recovered, and 1,800 for the amount of the collection at the cash registers. And also 676.7 euros to the company that owns a vending machine and the collection.

The defendant is a Moroccan citizen with legal residence in Spain, but without accredited roots in the territory. At half past two in the morning of October 12 last year he went to a commercial establishment located on the Riera de Miró in Reus. After forcing open the gate, he went inside. He took five packages of hot dogs and a large box of coffee with 50 packages inside. He was about to leave the establishment with the loot, but he failed as his presence was detected, leaving the establishment in a hurry with no effect on his power.

At three o'clock in the morning the following day, he entered the interior again, breaking the gate and access doors. He seized shampoos, deodorants and hams worth 1,089.55 euros, and a ball vending machine valued at 326.70 euros and inside which there was 350 euros of collection. On October 15, the Investigating Court number 4 of Reus decreed his entry into prison.


The defendant had already been sentenced by the Criminal Court 1 of Reus on October 21, 2019 for a crime of robbery with force in things committed on May 31, 2015 to eight months in prison, a sentence that was replaced by eight months of work for the benefit of the community –pending compliance–. On September 16, 2020, he was sentenced by the Court of Instruction 4 of Reus to pay a fine of 420 euros for a crime of theft committed the previous day - pending compliance -. To these penalties must be added another three for crimes of robbery with force.

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