They open a file on the Constantí sulfur mine that burned on Monday

The Department of Business and Labor of the Government of Catalonia has opened a file on the company Afepasa (Azufrera y Fertilizadores Pallarès) in order to clarify the events that occurred this Monday.

It should be remembered that a fire broke out in the Constantí warehouse of said company at 2:15 p.m., which forced, among other things, to confine parts of Reus, the Polígon Constantí and even Reus Airport. In fact, a flight that came from Ireland had to be diverted to Barcelona.

In addition, sirens sounded when the Plaseqta plan was activated.

The Prosecutor's Office and the courts

Neither the Prosecutor's Office nor any court, for the moment, have opened proceedings for the facts. In addition, the company has regretted this Tuesday the inconvenience caused by the fire and has affirmed its “commitment” to continue working to offer the maximum possible security.

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