They make a common front to complete the itinerary on foot along the 64 km of the Gaià River

The Gaià river runs 64 km from its source, at the Fuente de Canyelles, in Santa Coloma de Queralt, to its mouth at Tamarit beach, in Tarragona. The goal is that the entire route that runs through 22 municipalities is connected by an itinerary that can be done on foot.

This is one of the main goals of the Mesa del Gaià, in which the Tarragona Provincial Council, the 22 municipalities through which the river flows, the four county councils involved, as well as entities that work on its conservation such as the Environmental Association La Noria. Yesterday everyone met to renew the collaboration protocol they signed in 2019

A preview to enjoy

The intention is that next month the executive project will go out to tender not only to complete the itinerary, but also to homogenize the signage, improve the steps or adapt some regulation areas for public use. The performances will cost around one million euros. If all goes well, the drafting of the project will be awarded within a period of six months. “We want to put the river within the reach of citizens. It is a natural and landscape heritage, but also leisure and identity”, summarized the president of the Diputació, Noemí Llauradó.

There is already a previous work in which the priorities have been established, the 2021-2022 preliminary project. In addition, the municipalities through which the river passes have already undertaken initiatives in their respective sections that can already be enjoyed, as explained by the mayors of Queralt and El Catllar.

The deputy for the Environment. Josep Forasté explained that currently 80% of the itinerary is passable and that actions will be taken to adapt it to the remaining 20%. Although some sections can be covered by bicycle, it will not be possible in all cases since there are suspension bridges. Later it will also be decided if the entire territory is brought together under the same denomination.

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