They enter the Tarradellas de Poblet Archive at night and take nothing of value

Some strangers accessed, this weekend, the Montserrat Tarradellas and Macià Archive, located in the former Abbot's Palace of the Poblet monastery.

But the first recount carried out by the archivists has not missed anything, the father abbot of Poblet, Octavi Vilà, comments to the Diari, who acknowledges that “we are surprised. We hope that the Mossos bring us light because it is surprising so many efforts to not take anything.

The entry of intruders occurred at dawn on Sunday. The authors jumped the wall that separates the monastic enclosure from the road that goes to Les Masies de l'Espluga.

They then entered the archive through a window on the ground floor. This caused the alarm to go off. The security company reported this incident to the director of the archive, Núria Gavarró, and the company reset the system.

"If any of the alarms had gone off again, the Mossos d'Esquadra were alerted," says Octavi Vilà. But none of the sensors were activated, so they believed it was a false alarm, "as has happened other times, as if because of the wind."

The thieves went up to the third floor, so they had to neutralize the sensors with doors and cardboard. That's why the alarm didn't go off again.

This floor is where the bulk of the archive and the gifts that President Josep Tarradellas received over the years are located, a space not open to the public. There is also the place where the archivists work with their computers, which was also intact.

The intruders did open a fireproof cabinet, approximately five feet high. The passport they made for President Tarradellas on his arrival in Madrid in June 1977 is kept there, as well as that of his wife and daughter -who came months later-, a handwritten book by Josep Maria de Segarra and the folder with documentation that Basque President Iñigo Urkullu delivered to the archive about his role during the Process.

All this was found on the ground. "All the most sensitive documentation was in that cabinet," says the father abbot.

It was the workers on Monday morning who found the window open and then the documentation on the floor. They then alerted the monks and then the Mossos d'Esquadra. Agents of the Scientific Police went to the site and the investigation of the case is carried out by the Central Historical Heritage Unit, based in Sabadell.

Octavi Vilà remembers that some 30 years ago some thieves entered at night and stole books from the monastery library. “Then there was no alarm and the books were of a certain value.

They did it at night and someone had to know the place. And the sale of the loot would also be easier than now.

The father abbot assures that they had already planned to reinforce the security system of the Tarradellas Archive. He recalls that in the rest of the monastery a camera system has been installed, which records images, "which have sometimes helped us to solve some minor incident."

And they had already planned to export this system to the Archive, and that it will be operational both when it is open and when it is closed, "although most queries are made in the digitized part."

It is currently deciding where the cameras will be placed, which will also be at the entrances, an installation that is expected to be carried out before the end of the year.

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