They condition the anti-aircraft shelter of Les Borges del Camp to make it visitable

The City Council of Les Borges del Camp is working on refurbishing the shelter in Plaça de la Font to make it open to visitors. In the first instance, an iron structure and a wooden door have been installed that, in addition to serving as a bench, protect the facility and dignify it, according to the municipal statement. This action, a first step that will continue, has been carried out coinciding with the remodeling works on Avinguda Magdalena Martorell and Plaza de la Font.

The municipality had three large-capacity shelters during the Spanish Civil War and now wants to become one of the fifteen Catalan municipalities that have this type of visitable spaces.

After the war, the refuge remained closed for decades until it was reopened for the first time on May 9, 2002. On that occasion, some objects that had been abandoned and that are currently guarded in the Marinada Cultural Center were removed.

Later, about ten years ago, it reopened, although at that time no action was finalized. Recently, the City Council presented all the documentation to apply for a subsidy from the Generalitat to facilitate the conversion of the old shelter from the Civil War into a site that can be visited, accessible and of historical and heritage interest.

In parallel, the council commissioned a study on the shelter two months ago from the Ebrense company Terra Enllà, specialized in the civil war. The report includes face-to-face interviews with neighbors still alive who were either users of the shelter or have family or neighborhood references.

Consultations have also been carried out in several archives to try to describe how it was built, what capacity it had, what services it had, as well as other details such as the number of bombings that affected the municipality.

Once the works at the entrance have been completed and instead this report has been completed, the City Council will clean and refurbish the shelter internally and will make it provisionally open for visits with open days. At the same time, and once the subsidies that have been processed are confirmed, work will be done on the definitive conditioning, on the installation of light, on repairing the damage and on making the shelter permanently visitable and as a heritage element of the municipality.

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