They burn eleven containers in a week in Tarragona

An arsonist –or a group of arsonists– is on the loose in Tarragona. In eight days, a total of eleven containers have been burned in different parts of the city. From the downtown area to the neighborhoods of Ponent, passing through the Part Baixa. The operation mode it is quite similar in all cases, which suggests that it is the same person or group of individuals. As he has learned the Dailyreplacing each of the containers costs 2,500 euros to the public coffers. At the moment, we have already spent more than 25,000 euros in a single week for this act of vandalism. For its part, the Guàrdia Urbana is working on a device to arrest the perpetrators of the events.

The first episode took place last Monday night, October 23, between eight and nine. Almost simultaneously, five container fires were registered in four parts of the city. In some cases, the road was even cut off due to the magnitude of the fire. The streets affected by burned containers were Cristòfor Colom, Baró de les Quatre Torres, Santa Joaquima de Vedruna –two containers set on fire– and Sant Antoni Maria Claret street. The firefighters put out the fires and the company Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC) was in charge of replacing the containers.

Not even 24 hours later, the emergency services were once again alerted to fires in two containers – one made of cardboard and the other made of glass. In this case, at the other end of the city, in Campclar, specifically in Riu Siurana and Riu Onyar streets. According to police sources, these fires would have been presumably caused by other people who have nothing to do with the fires of the previous day.

The city was able to rest until Saturday, when two other containers were set on fire on Mossèn Ritort i Faus street, in the city center. Due to the characteristics of the facts, it also seemed that they had been intentional. The notice was received at 11:07 p.m. and while the firefighters put out the fire in the first container, the Guàrdia Urbana alerted them that another one was burning 200 meters away.

Finally, the last episode was recorded during the afternoon-night of Sunday. The first container on fire was on Calle Soler – where 50% of the warehouse was burned – and the other, in Bonavista, on Calle 21.

Eleven containers in eight days. The record for the city of Tarragona. According to municipal sources, replacing each of these containers costs around 2,500 euros on average, which means that, in one week, around 27,500 euros have been spent from public coffers.

Vandals or arsonists?

With this scenario, the Guàrdia Urbana has been working for days on a device with the aim of identifying the alleged perpetrators of the events. As he has learned the DailyThe police already suspect a group of people, with a very unusual profile in these cases. The hypotheses handled by the Guàrdia Urbana is that the perpetrators of the container fires did so due to vandalism or due to a disorder, such as, for example, that they were arsonists.

For the most part, authors set fire to paper containers, which catch fire the fastest. The operation mode it is always the same: with a lighter they burn a piece of paper and throw it into the tank.

Currently, the police are analyzing in detail the video surveillance cameras located near the streets affected by the fires. “It is curious because, in Tarragona, these waves occur once or twice a year”, explains the Councilor for Citizen Security, Cristina Guzmán, who does not rule out that the authors of these episodes are repeat offenders.

there have been arrests

It should be remembered that, last April, the Guàrdia Urbana already arrested two individuals in Tarragona for another wave of container burning. They were charged with an alleged crime of damage.

For her part, the Councilor for Citizen Security, Cristina Guzmán, takes advantage of this article to call for citizen collaboration and responsibility to identify and arrest the perpetrators as soon as possible.

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