The Young Woman of Tarragona crowns the only castle of 9 on the day of Santa Teresa del Vendrell

The Colla Jove Niños de Tarragona has unloaded the 3d9f on the day of Santa Teresa de El Vendrell, the only nine-story construction of the castellera day this Sunday. He has done it in the second round, after unloading the 5d8 and before the 4d8 with which he has closed the performance. The Children of El Vendrell, hosts of the day, have opened a place with a 4d8, followed by a charged 3d8 that has made fire and a discharged 5d7. The other invited group, the Joves Xiquets de Valls, has successfully unloaded the 5d8 and 4d8, although the 3d9f has resisted, which they have not been able to load and which has been disassembled after two attempts. The day started more than half an hour late, which added to the slow pace of the performances, has conditioned the day.

The day of Santa Teresa in El Vendrell (Baix Penedès) has started with a delay of more than half an hour, although the first round has enjoyed a good rhythm with all the castles unloaded. The Children of El Vendrell have opened a place with a 4d8 that they have unloaded for the second time this season. The Colla Joves Xiquets de Valls has chosen to go out with an impeccable 5d8, which he has unloaded for the sixteenth shot this year. For its part, the Colla Jove Xiquets de Tarragona replied to the vallencs with a 5d8 that they also unloaded, although they shuffled more and had to defend it until the end.

The second round was slowed down and conditioned by the dismounted attempts of the Children of El Vendrell and the Joves de Valls. In the first place, the Vendrellense children have backed down when trying to premiere the first 3d8 of the season. The enxaneta has thrown down when the pot was already placed and the fin was about to take the last steps. Those in the pink shirt, on the other hand, have had to disassemble the 3d9f.

In the repetition of the second round, the Nens del Vendrell have managed to charge the 3d8, although shortly after making the fin, the castle has broken and has ended up burning firewood. The day has been paused at this point, to offer medical assistance to the affected castellers. This fall has made the day "bittersweet" for Vendrellenses, as pointed out by the Children's group leader, Jordi Risa. The firewood from this structure has prevented them from taking the 7 tower to the square, with which they intended to complete the classic 8 tower at home.

La Joves de Valls, in this second attempt, had to disassemble the 3d9f again after detecting several difficulties in the construction. According to the co-leader of the Jovenes de Valls group, Pere Rico, it has been a castle that has “crossed” them in the lining and lace. This was the first performance of the vallencs since the celebration of the Tarragona Castle Contest and it is the preview of the day of Santa Úrsula, which will take place next Saturday. For this reason, Rico considers that this Sunday has served as a "wake-up call" for the group.

Plaça Vella del Vendrell had to wait until the second round to see the first nine-story castle unloaded. It has been carried out by the Joven de Tarragona, who has reached the milestone after a dismounted foot. When it was ready, it was downloaded very quickly by all the castellers involved in this construction. The group leader from Tarragona, Jordi Alomà, finished the performance with a good feeling, although he acknowledged that they would have wanted to bet on other structures, such as 4d9. The delay in the start of the day and its dynamics have conditioned them when choosing which castles they would take to the square.

The Children of El Vendrell have rounded off the third round with a 5d7, while the invited gangs have chosen to unload a 4d8 each. As usual, the castellers have said goodbye to the day of Santa Teresa with various openings and pillars.

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