The Vila-seca Auditorium celebrates its birthday

This morning the Auditori Josep Carreras has hosted the presentation of its program corresponding to the 2022-2023 season. The act was given by the president of the Josep Carreras Auditorium Foundation, Àngels Poblet; the director of the Conservatory and programmer of the Auditorium, Josep F. Solórzano; the Auditori programming advisor, Xavier Pastrana; the director of Franz Schubert Filharmonia, Tomàs Grau and the tenor Roger Padullés.

The new program, which will include a total of 36 concerts, began on September 29 with the charity gala, starring the renowned Josep Carreras, along with the mezzo-soprano Maria Soler and the pianist Lorenzo Bavaj.

As Àngels Poblet has commented, it is a "long and abundant program, with a variety of styles, which will have the presence of all those artists who always accompany us continuously, since it is a special year, during which we celebrate the 20 years of the Auditori”. In this sense, Josep F. Solórzano has highlighted that "a season of great artists has been committed" and has revealed the creation of stamps in the entire program that help identify each of the concerts, as part of the Cycle Joan Guinjoan, with the presence of piano, of “Mujer”, AJC Joven or the Franz Schubert Filharmonia, among others.

Tomàs Grau, for his part, commented on the relevance of the Josep Carreras Auditorium, which "places Vila-seca as a benchmark in the world of classical music", pointing out the three concerts that the Franz Schubert Filharmonia will perform at the Josep Carreras with world-renowned artists: on October 21 with the great Ivo Pogorelich on piano performing Chopin's second concerto; on March 18 with the violinist and conductor Joshua Bell who will perform Mendelssohn's violin concerto and on May 20 with the Coral Cármina, with which another work by Mendelssohn, Lobgesang, will be brought to the stage. A concert that, in Catalonia, will only be performed in Vila-seca and the Palau de la Música.

Xavier Pastrana has valued the concerts that will be offered by new composers emerging from the Vila-seca Conservatory and, specifically, the concerts corresponding to the celebration of the Felip Pedrell Year, also adding that "Catalan music has a specific weight in this programming". On the other hand, Roger Padullés has commented on the concert that he himself will star with Albert Guinovart, interpreting the poems of Heinrich Heine and has highlighted the Auditori Josep Carreras as “one of the liveliest auditoriums; not only because of the concerts that are always scheduled but also because of the activity that takes place behind closed doors, with recordings, rehearsals and training”. He adding that "in the end, the Auditorium is not made by the walls, but by the people".

In this season, the Joan Guinjoan Cycle also stands out, which vindicates and values ​​the creation of current composers, as well as modern music, which will come from the hand of Alba Morena, former student of the Vila-seca Conservatory, and Mariona Escoda, winner of the television contest "Euforia".

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