The trial begins against the two accused of killing a man in TGN

The Tarragona Court has begun to judge this Tuesday the man and woman accused of killing a man in March 2021 in an open field near the Bricodepot establishment, located in the Poniente neighborhoods of Tarragona. On the first day of the trial, with a popular jury, the only witness to the events declared, who has assured that the accused stabbed the victim several times as a result of an argument caused by a purse theft.

The stab wounds caused the death of the man. The prosecutor asks for 18 years and 6 months in prison for a crime of homicide and robbery with violence, the private prosecution raises the sentence to 20 years for a crime of murder and 4 more for robbery, while the defenses request acquittal.

The defendants will testify on the last day of the trial scheduled for this Friday after the defense requested it in the initial arguments of this first session. Both are a couple and have been in reported provisional prison and without bail for this cause since March 29, 2021. The events date back to March 25, around ten o'clock at night, when the two defendants met. with the victim in an open field, close to the national road 340, between the neighborhoods of Campclar and Torreforta de Tarragona.

In the first statement, the only witness to the events, explained that the two defendants arrived at the vacant lot where the victim and he were consuming drugs. According to the witness, the victim offered substances to the defendants after he explained that they had problems with a neighbor, who had filed a restraining order.

They were friends

The witness, who had maintained a friendly relationship with the victim for a few months, has reported that the accused woman stole a bag from the dead man, which contained several objects, including a mixer. According to the man, the defendants left after the alleged robbery and returned around midnight accusing him of lying because he had alerted the victim of the abduction. The prosecutor's brief relates that the defendant took a "large" stick to intimidate the victim who was arguing with the other defendant. It has also detailed that the defendant took advantage of the moment of the fight to steal the victim's mobile phone that she had left on a stone wall.

"I saw how the defendant hit him twice, I thought they were punches, but they were stabs, he - the victim - stopped screaming and gesturing and froze, then when I tried to grab his wrist, I saw that he had a knife in his hand" , the witness has stated. The deponent has assured that he quickly called 112 to ask for help because, he says, the defendant threatened him saying that he would be the next one.

The man has also stated that while speaking with the emergency services, the defendant, after hesitating, finally moved away from the scene. At the same time, he has stated that the victim gave the names of the accused to the Mossos d'Esquadra patrol that treated them and that he was conscious until he got into the ambulance to be transferred to the Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona.

The prosecutor's office in its indictment report that the victim received two stab wounds that caused several surgical and traumatic injuries - in the left flank, in the left lateral hemithorax and in the left arm - made by a seven centimeter knife. sheet and seventeen long, tipped by the accused. All these injuries, according to the reports of the forensic doctors collected by the prosecution, caused the death of the victim, who died a few hours after being admitted to the hospital.

Sentences of more than eighteen years in prison

For all these reasons, the prosecutor asks for the two defendants fourteen years in prison for a crime of homicide, four years and six months more for a crime of robbery with violence carrying weapons and to protect themselves on the run and a two-month fine. , with a daily fee of 12 euros, for a crime of theft.

In the case of the accused, he also requests a sentence of 24 months of fine, with a daily fee of 12 euros, for a continued crime of breaking his sentence, since he was prohibited from approaching the area of ​​the Bricodepot establishment for a sentence of the month February 2020. The public prosecutor also claims compensation of 42,000 euros for each parent of the victim of civil liability.

For its part, the private prosecution, which represents the relatives of the victim, raises the sentence request to 20 years for a crime of murder, since it considers that the victim could not defend himself. In turn, he requests four more years for the robbery with violence.

As for the defense lawyers, they request the acquittal of their representatives and defend their innocence. On the first day of the trial, which has been postponed twice, several professionals from the emergency system and the victim's mother have also testified, who has stated that her son had no problems with anyone, that he was a "good person" and that He had tried several times to detox. The hearing will resume this Wednesday with the declarations of the police forces.

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