The TGN City Council 'shields' Canyelles street and prohibits the installation of terraces

The Tarragona City Council has decided to shield Canyelles street, committing itself to the merchants not to authorize any terrace in the place. The Consistory does not want this street – pedestrianized, for fifteen days – to end up being like Lleida or Reding streets, where bars and terraces have proliferated in recent years. The objective, according to municipal sources, is to protect the businesses that remain in the downtown area and offer pedestrians a space where they can walk without having to dodge tables and chairs.

From the Department of Domini Públic they assure that "the new design of Canyelles street is designed to accommodate other uses, other than bars", and add that "the installation of a terrace would be incompatible with the new green area and rest space ». Along these same lines, the Councilor for Commerce of the Tarragona City Council, Dídac Nadal, says that he has the commitment of the entire Consistory not to issue any license to occupy public roads.

Dídac Nadal (Councillor for Commerce): «Canyelles street should also be the evacuation route in case of an emergency in Plaza Corsini»

Currently, only one establishment would be able to request a terrace, the Frankfurt Tarragona I. In fact, they requested it and the City Council has already refused. Both Sirvent and Brasilia –the other two restaurants on the street– have their terrace located in Plaça Corsini and Rambla Nova, respectively.

«After many meetings with the merchants of Canyelles Street, I saw clearly what their main concern was. That is why I made the express request, both to the government and to the councilor for Domini Públic", explains Nadal, who adds that "we believe that there are already enough terraces in the city and, what must be achieved, is that they make a living , but also ensure accessibility for citizens.

For the Councilor for Commerce, Canyelles street should be the commercial center of the city, "in addition to the escape route from Plaça Corsini, in case of emergency", taking into account the many activities that are organized.

Judith Sentís (Via T Dynamizer): "It is important to 'shield' the street, as it is the busiest for Tarragona"

The concern, both of neighbors and merchants, is that this measure will disappear when another government enters. That is why they ask that work be done to find a legal formula that manages to protect the regulations, regardless of the political color that there is in Plaça de la Font.

"Terraces? Nor see them»

Prohibiting the installation of terraces on this street is a municipal decision that was made at the request of the merchants, when the works began to convert it into a pedestrian street. «The day they told me that the works were starting, I went to talk to the councillors. I told them that if their intention was to put in terraces, they didn't have to build a pedestrian street. That they leave it as it was”, explains the president of the Associació de Comerciants del carrer Canyelles, Jordi Gombau, who adds that “neither the neighbors nor those of us who have a store want to see the terraces even in paint. We already have enough on Lleida and Reding streets."

The rest of the street merchants support Gombau's opinion. Núria Alegret, in charge of the Vicenç Piera stationery store, assures that this possibility worried her. "People who come to a bar sit down to have a drink, but they don't buy. And on top of that, they make a racket », she says. A few meters away, Adrià Marsal, from the Calçats Núria store, insists on the idea of ​​carrying out some regulation that allows the measure to continue.

Jordi Gombau (President Canyelles Street Merchants): "Neither neighbors nor merchants want to see the terraces, not even in painting"

For its part, from the Via T association, its promoter, Judith Sentís, assures that this decision was necessary. «Streets such as Governador González, Reding or Plaça Corsini itself have suffered from the uncontrolled proliferation of bars and terraces. On the one hand it is positive, because it provides atmosphere. On the other hand, no, because it does not benefit businesses. The area is no longer commercial to be for leisure", explains Sentís, who highlights the importance of "shielding" Canyelles street, "since it is the busiest street for the people of Tarragona".

The Daily He also speaks with a merchant who has experienced the conversion of his street, from a commercial area to an area of ​​terraces. This is Josep Maria Juan Biosca, from the Pirineus 3 store on Reding Street. "It is a success that terraces are not installed on Canyelles street, since, from my own experience, I can say that they do not contribute a penny to businesses," says Juan, who explains that the proliferation of bars on Reding street began when the market was in Corsini's tent. "Already then I warned that this would end up becoming a Plaça de la Font 2. And so it has been," the businessman concludes.

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