The remodeled Rambla Jaume I in Cambrils will not have parking spaces

The new Rambla Jaume I in Cambrils will give priority to people and will not have parking spaces. Although at first the possibility of maintaining one of the parking rows when the road was opened to traffic was considered, finally the government of the Cambrils City Council confirmed that it will not be possible to park along the avenue, which is expected to be completed later this year.

«We are talking about some 90 lost places that have been won and doubled in the different enabled park and ride and the council is working on the definitive solution for these free places. La Rambla will be a boulevard with a single platform and what it will invite is to cross it and stroll along it, but circulation will be a little more restricted. The objective is to pacify for the good of the people, it is where we are going because soon we will be affected by laws such as those of low-emission zones that directly challenge us to take measures, "says the Councilor for Urban Planning, Public Works and Activities, Enric Daza .

At the moment it is not known whether the places that had to be sacrificed in Cristòfor Colom, Pau Casals and Ramon Llull streets will be recovered. It should be remembered that last February, on the occasion of the start of the works, one of the parking rows was removed from each street so that trucks and buses could pass without problems. "We have not yet decided what will happen to these places," says the mayor.

Regarding these roads, Daza explains that they could be remodeled in the near future. «These are streets that must be substantially improved because they are very punished. The asphalt and sidewalks have suffered a strong impact due to the works and the continuous passage of trucks and do not comply with accessibility regulations. The lighting and trees should also be improved, ”says the councilor.

The government is also studying what will happen to the blue zones that were activated when the work began. Since mid-February, the parking areas of Parc del Pescador and Galceran Marquet, Esteve Anguera, Hug de Montcada, Vinyols, Drassanes, Cristòfor Colom, Rambla del Regueral and Manuel de Falla streets have been open. Some sections that until last year were only operational during the tourist season and that are expected to work until the works are completed.

new ordinance

Another novelty of the Rambla Jaume I is the special ordinance that the council works to regulate its commercial occupation. «In Plaza Aragó there are many shops. The regulation not only refers to restaurant establishments, but also to businesses. I can advance that these occupations will be separated from the facades and there will be two meters, at least, to guarantee the passage of people in front of these premises, "communicates Daza.

The regulations will take into account pedestrians, in line with the remodeling project. "The space must have the appropriate measures so that there is more or less amplitude and always taking into account the passage of people and portals, so that people can enter and exit comfortably," he explains. In addition to regularizing the square meters, the ordinance will detail how the furniture should be so that all establishments meet the same parameters.

Regarding the works, Daza is optimistic about being able to enjoy the avenue for the Christmas holidays. “Within the forecast, nothing suggests that we will not reach the estimated date. Our responsibility is to enforce the execution plan of the project and therefore we have to continue betting so that the works are finished as soon as possible. Meeting the deadline would be December 31. Everything indicates that it will allow us to walk along the Rambla at Christmas even if aspects such as urban furniture are missing, ”says the mayor, who trusts that the inclement weather will not affect the evolution of the works in this final stretch.

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