The PSC fires Ivan Navarro, councilor of Vila-seca

On Friday, November 4, the councilor of the PSC of Vila-seca, Ivan Navarrosubmitted his resignation to the act of councilor. Until then, he was a councilor for Sports, spokesman for the party and held the fifth mayoralty in the government chaired by Mayor Pere Segura.

The reasons for his departure from the town hall would be known on Monday the 7th when the socialist party itself issued a statement explaining that "alleged irregularities by the current municipal spokesman" had been detected and this motivated the creation of a management board which would remain active until the end of the legislature. A board that presides over the future socialist mayor, Joan Anton Ramírez.

The resignation of Ivan Navarro has opened a series of questions about the accusations that fall on his person and that are linked to the financing of the party in Vila-seca.

For now, the Councilor for Policies and Housing, Anabel Margalef, will be the mayor who will maintain the party's acronym in the consistory while waiting to appoint another member of the list to occupy Navarro's march.

The reason that has justified these organizational decisions has been the alleged irregularities committed by the alderman in the exercise of his political responsibilities. Although the official statement does not mention these alleged illegal actions, sources familiar with the case admit that the problem would lie in the absence of money from the party that was planned for the future electoral campaign and that for reasons that are being investigated has 'disappeared. ', which has been pointed out directly to Navarro.

The PSC reiterates that strict ethical and correct compliance with the management of public resources has been, is and will be one of the essential characteristics of the party's political commitment.

In this sense, the spokesperson for the PSC-Vila-seca Som Tots coalition, Joan Anton Ramírez, has emphasized that “my candidacy and my project will have a zero-tolerance attitude towards possible cases of corruption or improper management of public resources , as the citizenry rightly demands. Our pulse will never tremble to take the forceful measures that are necessary to completely cut off any ethically reprehensible behavior ”, he concluded.

Although Navarro's resignation leaves the government with 9 councilors (versus 11 from the opposition), this will not affect the future of the government, since 5 of the non-attached councilors (former members of Ciutadans) are the ones who will most probably form part of the 2023 municipal list of the PSC-Vila-seca Som Tots party.

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