The PSC breaks the pact with Junts per Tortosa and leaves the municipal government

The PSC breaks the pact in the Tortosa City Council. An expected break, especially after the resignation of the councilor's act of the until now first deputy mayor, Enric Roig, this week; and of the “reflection period” that the Socialists kept open on the agreement sealed in January 2020 with Junts per Tortosa. In this way, the government is once again made up solely of the seven councilors of Junts per Tortosa (of the 21 in total that make up the plenary). From the PSC they emphasize that they have contributed from their government work "to carry out different proposals that we had in our electoral program and that have been able to materialize." "We are proud of the work we have carried out in the transformation of the city and the contribution we have made to improve the lives of the people of Tortosa", they affirm, but they consider that a new stage is now opening, " of internal reflection to change leaderships».

The PSC has not yet made official who will be its new candidate for next year's municipal elections in Tortosa. As for the current composition of the Consistory, it remains to be determined who will accompany the socialist municipal group to the councilors Dolors Bel and Estefania Valdés, after the resignation of Roig. Consol Cordero, the next on the list, has given it up for professional reasons.

From the PSC they assure that they will continue "being a useful party for the citizens and we conspire to continue working, from now on from the opposition so that it may be so". At the same time, in a statement, they thank the work carried out even by Enric Roig in his eleven years as city councilor.

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