The POUM will reserve a space between Bonavista and Campclar for the transfer of Laboral

The preliminary project for the new POUM will contemplate a reservation of land between the neighborhoods of Bonavista and Campclar so that in the future the transfer of the old Labor University can be addressed. This is one of the proposals that the councilor of Territori, Xavier Puig, announced yesterday, after the last informative commission that was held before this first draft of the document that will outline the future of the city is put to the vote next Thursday.

"It is a very attractive and competitive space, ideal for an educational facility that is a catalyst for the neighborhoods of Ponent and the city as a whole," said the third deputy mayor. The proposal seeks to unite these two neighborhoods with a facility "with characteristics of a green area" that, on the other hand, would limit the Mediterranean Ring.

The previous urban planning contemplated a residential use for this area. However, the City Council considers that it was "an unattractive polygon", since several high-voltage lines cross there, which "generated significant loads" in terms of burial. This has meant that there has been no interest in its urbanization and that today it is "a field of rocks and dust in which rosemary does not even grow," said Puig. What is proposed now is that a change of qualification be made and that the land be used for facilities. And, specifically, to "a large-scale public educational facility."

The proposed solution seeks to close this “open wound”, in an area that occupies “a strategic and very valuable position from an equipacional point of view”, said Puig. This has been transmitted by the City Council to the Generalitat which, as explained by the councilor for the Territory, is already aware of this option and is already studying it, taking into account that ultimately it will be the Catalan administration that will have to decide.

The Complex Educatiu needs an area of ​​between 40 and 50 hectares of land and the alternative proposed by the Consistory is 47.5 hectares. "When you think in the long term, we see that it is a very good location, better than the existing one," pointed out Puig, who defended that "it is a hole made to measure."

47.5 hectares of land occupies this sector, which in the previous POUM was planned for the residential growth of Ponent

At the moment, it is only a proposal that will form part of this preliminary draft of the POUM and that will have to be seen if it prospers within the framework of the participatory process that will now open. Despite this, the local administration defends the need for this document to take into account the transfer option. “It is an alternative that we offer to the Generalitat, in case it needs it later, other than that we do not have spaces.”

The transfer of the Complex Educatiu is an issue that has been planned for many years, but has not been addressed specifically until now. Facilities built in the late 1950s need updating. “It is a facility that requires a large investment and that has a lot of human activity, which means that the growth in the surroundings makes it not the ideal space,” said the Republican mayor. Over the years, the complex has become surrounded by the chemical industry and the port, which is growing in this direction. In fact, this very week the president of the Port of Tarragona, Josep Maria Cruset, explained the purchase of some 200,000 square meters of land in this area, which were owned by the Generalitat and formed part of the port's public domain, which will allow the growth of the La Boella terminal and the surface area for general cargo.

The Sescelades environment will also have some land reserved for technological purposes, research and innovation, in case the university needs to continue growing.

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