The parishes allocate 50% of the expenses to the restoration of the heritage

The General Administration of the Diocese of Tortosa has closed the 2021 financial year with income of 2,811,526.62 euros, compared to expenses of 2,845,555.77 euros. The parishes and Cathedral Chapter have had income of 2,352,878.56 euros, while expenses amounted to 2,033,427.69 euros, which represents a saving of almost 320,000 euros to continue with the maintenance and restoration work of the bishopric churches. And it is that approximately 50% of the expenses of the parishes are destined to the restoration of the patrimony.

Along with the solidarity contributions and pastoral activity that have amounted to 307,813.15 euros in the case of the Bishopric and 94,320.98 euros in the Parishes, it is worth highlighting the effort that the item dedicated to extraordinary expenses has meant in 2021, among which Restoration works on churches and hermitages are included. In the case of the Parishes, these works amount to 1,018,220 euros, of which more than 360,000 correspond to the first cleaning phase of the restoration of the façade of Tortosa Cathedral, which has continued during the year of 2022.

«In a small town, such as those of the Bishopric of Tortosa, its bell tower or its church is its identity. And that identity must be cared for and strengthened, ”said the Diocesan Bursar, Víctor Cardona, yesterday.

The Diocese of Tortosa encompasses a very large territory, between Catalonia and the Valencian Community: from Ribera de Ebro, Terra Alta and Priorat towns, passing through Baix Ebre and Montsià and up to Maestrat and Els Ports, north of Castellón.

Thus, for example, the Bishopric of Tortosa, with the help of the Provincial Councils of Tarragona or Castellón, the town councils, the Generalitat or the State, have carried out, in addition to the restoration of the façade of the Cathedral of Tortosa, works in Alcalà de Xivert , in Alcanar, in L'Aldea, in Benicarló, in Càlig, in Cinctorres, in Forcall or in Vinaròs, among others. This 2022 they are also being held in the churches of Alfara de Carlos, Almendra de Mar, Fatarella, Jesús y María, Olocau del Rey, Peñíscola, Ribarroja de Ebro, Salsadella, Santa Bárbara or Tivissa.

Brotherhood Day 2022

This Sunday a new edition of Brotherhood will be held, the Day of the Diocesan Church, where the faithful are invited to strengthen their commitment and collaboration with the Church. Last year the Brotherhood day closed in the Diocese of Tortosa with 32,121.36 euros collected, 2,779.63 euros less than in 2020.

"If the Church can continue its solidarity side, it is thanks to the people," Cardona explained. “It is the people who with simple, quiet and humble work make charity live and help other people to look for food, to reintegrate into society... We appreciate the effort of so many”.

As for Cáritas Diocesana, in 2021 it carried out 27 social projects, which allowed it to directly serve 9,269 people with the help of 700 volunteers. Precisely the Bishopric also makes a general appeal to young volunteers, since many are retired people who do have more time but are already older.

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