The other side of the cassette (Real Sociedad B 2-0 Nàstic)

Look, Nàstic wanted to put on that animated music cassette to celebrate the evening. He dressed up in a suit, hair gel and Varon Dandy perfume. But not even for those, because in the dinner appetizer he already stained his shirt at the first bite. He reacted and showed the most exciting version of him, but the game is useless if there is no fang. Quite the opposite of a Real Sociedad B that hit little but very firmly. A great goal from Gabilondo left Nàstic with that pale and sad face. The date did not end well. Again dinner was bitter.

What works is not touched. That's what Raül Agné thought during the week when capturing his eleventh in Zubieta. He was clear that it was an obligation to give continuity to an eleven that took a step forward against Real Murcia. He not only won, but for the first time during the season the version that the coach from his team wants was seen continuously.

Now the challenge was to do it again away from home against an offensive team, brazen and with the ability to riddle without disheveled. "Come in, come in, come in!" Agné shouted in the first construction play of the Nàstic. The premise was clear, progress with the ball. Do not speed up the play and above all do not look for the vertical ball. Starting from behind carries its risks and sometimes it is up to the player to assume when he should assume them or not.

Aarón Rey is a footballer who still has to improve in this aspect and he made it clear in his first speech. He looked for a driving where he shouldn't because it was neither the place nor the time to avoid a rival. With the match on the shore he dove headfirst.

Real Sociedad B recovered the upper hand and built a lightning move that left Nàstic broken. It was in a play from the center shot that ended with the ball on the crossbar, but that found Magunazelaia in the mouth of the goal with the cane ready. He hit a header with Manu García sold and put Real Sociedad B ahead. Things started badly. In Elda it was the end, in Zubieta it was the beginning.

There was the fear that the Nàstic would show that ghostly version again away from the Nou Estadi. That face of a self-conscious team, doubtful and without the ability to react. It was not so. By proposal and execution, what preceded the goal were the 20 best minutes as a visitor of the entire season. The Grana team organized themselves with the ball, had patience and placed the game in a script in which they were the protagonist. What is asked of him, neither more nor less.

In that gaming ecosystem, Marc Montalvo brought out his expertise. He should be clear that this footballer is differential if he is presented with a game idea like the one shown in Zubieta. There he is decisive. It does not matter neither the age nor that he is a midfielder. Because when a player gives you fluidity and puts pressure on you like he did, he makes you the winner of the game, then the area thing is something else even more important because he ends up passing sentence.

As lucid as Montalvo was, Rey was not. The Galician kept thinking about his first loss and it was a loop of errors. He was not knowing how to choose. He wasn't waiting for his moment. Sometimes when things don't work out, the best thing is for the game to come to you. It was a real shame because all the play that Nàstic was having in the initial and development phase was not having a reward in its execution. Not even a scare was giving a burgundy team that sometimes lacked more daring to charge the area.

Quite the opposite of a Donostiarra subsidiary that did not need so much play because it had plenty of threat. Pablo Marín in minute 28 forced Manu García to get a saving hand. The occasions did not arrive and that diminished the morale. The physicist fell and that reduced the pressure. The result was that the first part forced Nàstic to redraw the low block and defend themselves. It was time to survive because the good minutes had not had a prize. Football is like that, you can't be dominant with the ball throughout the match. Curiously, the clearest came in a burgundy spark after a continuous withdrawal. Rey finally appeared where he should and leaked a leather to Guillermo that the Basque wanted to take advantage of, but he found Marrero's figure that he deflected for a corner. It would have been fair to the granas. Also balsamic because it would have been the tie before the break. One thing or another. La Real also had it with a shot from a angle by Martón that Manu García took out with his foot. Lots of fabric to cut and 45 minutes ahead.

In the second half, Nàstic did not appear with that ease and dynamism that they had had in many minutes in the first half. He gave the feeling that in the break he had given himself to think and that sometimes is not good. The grenade start was thick and the faces of the grenade players reflected a feeling of impotence. Agné stirred up the eleven by putting Pol Domingo in for Tirlea after the Romanian's bad first half. He soon saw that that right side had lost depth with the change and that is why he put Domingo in the center of the defense and placed Robert Simón as a lane. To give it even more energy, Agné brought in Lupu, Bonilla and Escudero. He renewed the entire attack and left Guillermo alone of the attackers who had started the match. The Basque is kept because he has a goal and his game is analyzed prioritizing that above all else.

La Real was limited to threatening the transition. He was seen with character in a game in which he was aware that he was doing damage because he has a talent that sometimes is not controlled. Gabilondo appeared in the 75th minute to confirm it. The side took a whiplash that left Manu making the statue. Now the victory was far away. With a good half hour of play he doesn't give away from home. Luck was not on his side either because Lupu found the crossbar in discount time. This is the First RFEF. Raw and cruel.

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