The old Catholic Center of Reus will be a new municipal theater

The Reus City Council, the Provincial Council of Tarragona and the Priory Parish of Sant Pere Apòstol have reached an agreement to promote the rehabilitation and maintenance of the cultural activity of the scenic and theatrical space located on Calle de la Presó, number 13, of the capital of Baix Camp. This was revealed this morning.

Thanks to the agreement, which will be signed next Monday, November 21, the parish will cede the use of the scenic space free of charge to the Reus City Council for a period of 99 years, in order to carry out the works and the subsequent programming. The mayor of the city, Carles Pellicer, explained that "this is a historic agreement and will give a new impetus to the cultural capital of our city to offer more public and quality cultural offerings, in line with the objectives that we are already trying to achieve." in the Municipal Action Plan.

The will of the City Council is to be able to have a new scenic space that complements the offer of theatrical activities or other manifestations of the performing arts of the public theaters of the city of Reus. The rehabilitation of the building and the updating of the theater it houses will have a budget of 2,479,324.66 euros and the City Council will allocate 2,122,475 euros.

The works include, in addition to the theater, a room on the first floor, which will be made available to the public for cultural, social or similar purposes, and which will be shared between the City Council and the Priory.

The schedule will be specified as follows:

- Before December 31, 2022, the Reus City Council plans to entrust the drafting of the preliminary project for the works.

- Before the first semester of 2023, the drafting of the executive project will be entrusted in order to proceed with its bidding.

- During the second half of 2023, it is planned to tender the works and start them.

- And, once the works are finished and during the entire validity of the surface right, which has been established for a period of 99 years, the space will be used for theatrical activities or other manifestations of the performing arts. The forecast is that it can start operating, if there is no setback, at the beginning of 2025.

The president of the Diputación, Noemí Llauradó, explained that "the recovery of this scenic space is of special importance not only for the city of Reus but throughout the demarcation, because it will allow us to expand the theatrical offer in the city".

For his part, the prior Joan Anton Cedó wanted to highlight the work done by all the parties to reach an agreement: “we are clear that we will continue working within the framework of the common bridges that we already have clear and we are going to build all those that are necessary to continue making progress”.

A monitoring committee will be set up to ensure the execution of the agreement and also for the future operation of the new space, in which there will be representatives of all parties.

Lastly, the City Council of Reus, given the trajectory and activity of other performing arts events developed by the Bravium Artistic and Cultural Association, will make room in a stable and continuous way for the headquarters and the activity of this entity within of the rehabilitated theater, a use that will be regulated through a specific agreement between both parties.

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