The New Stadium saves Agné (Nàstic 1-0 Numancia)

I couldn't say goodbye to Raül Agné at the Nou Estadi. Not much less. Because if the Mequinenza technician has achieved something, it is to turn the grana fiefdom into a fort. There everything changes and if his position is still at stake in Las Gaunas it is because away from home everything goes to waste. Against Numancia he saved one more life and came out on top. Now you have the final proof.

From the highest spheres Aarón Rey was pointed out as one of those players from whom much more was expected. He had been signed to make a difference and in just one game he had done it. The meeting walked on the wire before Numancia. Every minute he brought Raül Agné closer to the end because he only had to win. It seemed that he was not going to save the fifth life. It only seemed, because at that precise moment the Galician appeared. Yes, that's how he is, capable of drawing deadly sparks in a match. For sample, a button. So much is required of him because he is trained to do it. It's nice to see him play on his good days. They must be more and that is the great pending subject of him.

The winger started down the left side and put in a pumped center with his right. In the depths of the area the usual appeared. Guillermo Fernández connected a subtle header that caught Isma Gil off balance and put Nàstic ahead. At the precise moment when his coach needed him the most, two footballers signed this summer appeared. The Mequinenza technician saves one more life and leaves the final judgment for Las Gaunas. There everything will be decided. For better or worse.

Raül Agné had proclaimed in recent weeks that what he saw on the pitch filled him up and made him optimistic for the future. “With me the team will finish on top”, he assured two weeks ago in the press room at the Nou Estadi. If the words were not enough, the facts have also been enough to believe that his speech is meaningful and sincere. He repeated the eleven that beat Murcia and lost against Real Sociedad B. If the former is taken into account, it is not surprising. If you take into account the second, yes. Agné puts the scalpel in defeat, but he liked what he saw in Zubieta and that is why he bet on it again on the day his position as coach of Nàstic was played again.

The grana team appeared without complexes. He turned away from the noise and focused on playing his game. A meeting in which he wanted and was the protagonist with the ball. The idea of ​​a leading game was given continuity in a Nou Estadi that appreciated it. If someone was expecting a warlike climate and wanting to whistle, he found the opposite. Applause and support for the team. The shield is above everything and everyone. So the plebiscites for another time.

The truth is that Nàstic was a lot like the one that reacted after the goal in Zubieta and not so much against Murcia. A good version but insufficient. He had the leather and he did not suffer, but he lacked bite. He was again missing some tusk and imbalance in the final meters. Neither on the sides nor in the center was it possible to go deeper. There was only one clear threat in which Joan Oriol received after a nice triangulation inside the area. He had everything to shoot and look for the goal, but he thought too much and that soccer usually punishes him because it is a sport of impulses. From then on, Nàstic continued to be installed in the opposite field but without seeing the edge of the rival area. A lot of ball, but little threat.

That once again wore down the mentality of a team that needs facts because with intangibles their confidence does not grow. Football comes to a time when it asks for more than sensations. In stormy times, goals are floaters. Therefore, the Nàstic was declining as the first half approached. He had a lot of the ball and he recovered it very quickly, that was the best news, but he wasn't creating chances.

Agné's team saved a couple of blows for the final stretch. Pablo Fernández first threatened with a shot with his right that forced Isma Gil to take out his mitten. A few minutes later, Aarón Rey appeared in the center to put a pass through the back of the rival defense. Guillermo won the position and already glimpsed the heads-up, but San Emeterio knocked him down outside the area. It was a winning action for the rival who found a yellow card as punishment with which he had avoided leaving the rival striker alone in front of the goalkeeper. This is how the game died in the first half. The second half pointed to agony.

In the second half nothing changed. Nàstic suffered from a threat against a Numancia who seemed to see that point as good. Until Aarón Rey appeared to break everything. Then Guillermo to finish the play. The two threw the float at Agné who continues to cling to the Nou Estadi bench as has rarely been seen. His spirit of resistance has no end. Nor that of some players who are making it clear that his ethics are not in doubt.

If the signings appeared to make the first goal, Josema emerged to avoid the tie. The Madrid center-back avoided a breakdown in Pol Domingo's back in the center of the defense. He was quick, focused and fine to take away the strength of the rival striker in his shot. Manu blocked and the Nou Estadi breathed a sigh of relief because that would have changed destiny.

Things smoothed out even more when Simic made a lap entry on Del Campo. Numancia was left with ten and Nàstic envisioned the end of the match with superiority on the pitch and with the score in their favour.

They were minutes of tension in which ghosts from the past appeared. The first game against UD Logroñés and the defeat in Elda went through everyone's mind. That is why Nàstic was a team that always played with the rearview mirror. There was too much at stake. It was played with skill, the rival was not killed, but the three points were taken. Agné is on her way to being immortal. In Las Gaunas, final judgement.

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