The Nàstic substitutes ask for a step

Nàstic beat Racing Rioja in the first round of the Copa del Rey with a team full of secondary players. Players who are not counting on the confidence of the coach in the league but who have shown that they are ready when coach Raül Agné comes to them in the regular competition. The Grana coach himself recognized it after the match in Las Gaunas: «They have been up to the task». It was not easy at all. The rival was from the Second RFEF, a lower category, but in the Copa del Rey that does not always count. Huesca, Zaragoza, Ponferradina or Córdoba have been left out of the KO tournament against rivals from lower divisions. Also, there is no margin for error. A defeat and they lost not only the opportunity to exhibit themselves, but to have new windows in the following qualifiers. The victory and the way in which it was achieved, controlling the game after facing it in the first half with two goals.

Of the eleven players who started in Lezama, on the last league day against Athletic Club B (0-0), only Quintanilla repeated. Some like Bonilla, Tirlea, Robert Simón, Parra or Iván de la Peña did not even have minutes in the game.

With the desire to claim more presence in the league competition, they jumped to Las Gaunas with clear ideas. In the collective and in the individual. As a group, they executed the party plan. Put it on track as soon as possible and control it later. It was necessary to finish it off with the kickbacks.

Four players stood out. Lupu, Èric Montes, Robert Simón and Parra. The first was the protagonist of the goal that opened the scoring. He finished first, to the 'killer'. Simón took a precise cross and Lupu put the scoring touch from the edge of the small area to put the ball in the back of the net.

The Romanian striker had to leave the game shortly after with a hamstring injury. But with those twelve minutes in which he was on the green, they were enough to prove that Lupu has a weapon loaded with goals.

The second goal also carried the signature of a footballer who needed to take a step forward. Èric Montes has had an irregular role. He came to chain four starting games and then reduce his participation to the minimum expression. In Las Gaunas he offered a good exhibition of virtues. Among them, a very powerful blow. So did the second goal. He hooked a loose ball a few meters from the area and slipped it between the post and the goalkeeper.

The two debutants, Iván de la Peña and Parra, left very positive notes. The first, without being a natural central defender, fit in with Quintanilla, while the goalkeeper had decisive interventions to maintain the difference of two goals on the scoreboard. In addition, he had the posts that also prevented up to three local goals.

Tirlea showed that he can enter the eleven at any time, as he has already done during the season, while Bonilla took advantage of the 90 minutes to exhibit physicality. Nil Jiménez was hampered by an ankle injury, Gorostidi was able to gain confidence in the game, while Pochettino only lacked accuracy in the final meters. In the second half, the game was set in a favorable scenario for his verticality, but he was not precise in hitting and in decision-making.

Some more and others less, but they showed that the Nàstic squad is extensive, as the coach wanted, and that everyone is ready for when they have to leave.

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