«The Nàstic is the soul and the real creator of LaLiga Genuine»

The president of LaLiga made it clear that the Grana team will always be present in the competition. He did some firm words that show that the importance of the Tarragona entity is total. It couldn't be any other way, after all, he is the one who took the necessary step forward for its foundation when LaLigaGenuine was still not visible in any mind.

“More than coming back, we have never left. The first matchday is always here in Tarragona because Nàstic is the real soul and creator of the competition and it is the home of LaLiga Genuine”.

New equipment

“It is good news that we have Real Madrid and also Andorra. Here we have no number limit because the more we are, the more we will transmit the values ​​of this competition”.

The Nàstic, always present

“The Nàstic is essential. We already decided from the first season that Tarragona will always be the inaugural venue as long as I am president and even if they are not in professional football for us it is as if they were”.

Reply to Pique

“Well, next time vote for VOX. From what I have seen, he is the organizer of a new competition and I will only tell him that if he has 1% of the problems that we have, he will have some serious headaches”.

List of Luis Enrique

Consider what he chooses best for his style of play and for the national team I can't question any player who has or hasn't led.

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