The movement for the Mediterrani Corridor denounces more than 20 years of delays

The #QuieroCorredor movement will disembark this week in Barcelona, ​​in an act with more than 1,500 businessmen from the Mediterranean arc in which they will denounce the more than twenty years of accumulated delays in the works of the Mediterrani Corridor. The meeting, promoted by the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE), will serve to publicize the second annual check-up on the status of the project, reviewing the progress and pending commitments of an infrastructure that "collects delays", according to the new place advertisement for this group.

«For more than twenty years we have been claiming a corridor that in the end passes everywhere except where it should pass, because the works of the Mediterrani Corridor in Madrid or Teruel are being carried out and here we are still with the Iberian gauge and without having It is clear where the goods will pass through”, laments the president of the Reus Chamber of Commerce, Jordi Just. The leader of the Reus corporation will be one of the representatives of the Tarragona regions that will be present at the event, which will be held at the Barcelona International Convention Center.

Just assures that this infrastructure supposes “being connected with Europe or not”. "We are impoverishing ourselves due to the lack of communications, since what a factory is looking for is land, labor and good communications to export the finished products," he argues.

Chemistry, the Port of Tarragona and sectors such as logistics and agri-food have been waiting for this connection for years. At the moment, the exclusive double platform for goods is only the final project. And, although Ferrmed ​​assured this week that the Barcelona-Tarragona section is the third largest freight axis in the EU, the action that is being carried out right now is a provisional solution with the third rail, scheduled to come into operation in 2023 or 2024 .

From the Chamber of Tarragona, Laura Roigé, affirms that this project cannot have "more delays". «This connection means a new scenario for the logistics sector of Tarragona and especially for the port. The territory loses investments and jobs with each new delay that this connection faces," says Roigé, who assures that "in the face of the socioeconomic situation that is coming, the best recipe is to face the investments in planned infrastructures."

The Tarragona Chemical Business Association (Aeqt) will also be in Barcelona, ​​represented by its managing director, Maria Mas. "For the Aeqt I want to run a long time, because as a sector we are very interested in maintaining our competitiveness and if it can be to improve it, in addition to reducing our carbon footprint," she points out. Mas assures that it is a "vital" infrastructure since this connection "will reduce internal competition between our associated companies." The Tarragona chemistry defends that "the fact that we do not have this infrastructure here and in other places in Europe the same company has it is an offense".

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, confirmed her attendance at a ceremony headed by the president of AVE, Vicente Boluda; the president of Mercadona, Juan Roig; the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi; and the highest representative of Fomento del Trabajo, Josep Sánchez-Llibre, among other representatives.

Boluda highlights that «the communities that make up the Mediterranean arch concentrate 50% of the population, 47% of the business fabric, 63% of the port freight traffic and 15% of the GDP. Therefore, not finishing the corridor means leaving out, literally, half of Spain».

Boluda concludes by stating that "the corridor will allow us to complete the current design of the infrastructure model, radial, by a circular or mesh model, which will make us stronger and we will be better connected to each other and to Europe".

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