The most feminine Twinpalm

“Twinpalm has always been said to be quite feminine. We have never done it looking at quotas, but what best suits the spirit of the festival, but the truth is that there has always been a high presence of female artists in the programming, most of them as headliners. And in this edition, especially: we have three 100% female artists and the rest of the groups have women", highlights Ángel Lopera, one of the organizers of this contest that will be held next Saturday in the auditorium of the Center Cultural Infant Pere de L' Hospitalet de l'Infant.

The live music will be provided by Joana Serrat, Josep Xortó & The Congosound, Cabiria, Jacket of Chándal and Marta Knight, in an eminently late-night session that, as a novelty, will also feature a performance at noon, during vermouth hours – Jacket Tracksuit at 1:30 p.m.–. This is one of the surprises of this unique Twinpalm that celebrates ten years of life and ten editions, away from fashions and crowds and with an intimate format for a maximum capacity of 350 spectators.

«It is an independent festival from the philosophical point of view. There are no groups that are in the conventional nor in the big companies, although there are consecrated artists. Stylistically it's not purely indie, we give a lot of importance to electronics, even the most experimental. This year, for example, we have Josep Xortó, who redefines pop and disco music”, explains Lopera.

The space is ideal for collected proposals, but also "there are things that are quite danceable even if we are inside an auditorium". The party will be completed with a dozen DJs distributed throughout the day, starting at 12 noon, on the terrace to satisfy "the exquisite palates" of a majority audience from the province of Tarragona, but who will also arrive from other places, such as Barcelona or Zaragoza. "We have a heterogeneous public that is not very attracted to massive proposals," says Lopera.

Twinpalm was born in 2012 as the autumnal and reduced version of the extinct Palmfest that, for ten years, was held in summer in L'Hospitalet de l'Infant –its last edition was in 2015–. “Over time, Twinpam took on a life of its own, with its style and character, and it has been considered a great festival by many people for years now. The feedback that comes to us is very good. We can prepare it in a calmer way, with fewer fronts and less technical complexity than Palmfest, which was a monster, "he adds.

Behind all this is the Associació Multicultural Alternativa (AMA) of Vandellòs i l'Hospìtalet de l'Infant, which knows perfectly the environment and the possibilities it offers. «We closely followed the construction of the auditorium of the Infant Pere Cultural Center and, from the first moment we saw the facilities, we visualized that it would be very interesting to hold a festival of this type there, more collected and less expansive than Palmfest and with good audio. for exquisite proposals. The space led to the idea. The City Council accompanied us and that is how this project began”, concludes Lopera.

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