The keys to the advance of the POUM of Tarragona

Tarragona City Council will approve next week the progress of the future Municipal Urban Development Plan (POUM). This first draft is committed to a cohesive city model and the expansion of the Anella Verda, two lines that will mark the debate that will open from now on with the process of citizen participation. These are some of the keys to the document:


One of the main lines is to move towards a compact city, taking into account that more than 65,000 live in the center of the city, 37,000 in Ponent, about 20,000 in the north and around 14,000 in Llevant. Therefore, the axis that wants to be strengthened is the one that makes up the Centre-Ponent-Nord triangle.


Both the T-11 and the N-340 they want to be transformed into avenues to go on foot, by bus or bicycle, with a clear commitment to the tram.


Great Horta. It is proposed to protect two thirds of the surface and to develop the area closest to the T-11, N-340 and A-27 highways, where the possibility of the new railway station was drawn.

PP9 (behind the neighborhood of Parc Riu Clar, La Floresta and L'Albada). A residential use is expected to be the gateway to the Anella Verda from Ponent.

ARE San Salvador. A declassification of the land is proposed to the Generalitat.

ARE Well Boronat. The door is opened to review loads that are considered to be “excessive”. It is seen as an opportunity to improve the entrance to the city from the N-240.

I raised. In this area, growth is expected with the development of the PP-14 (in front of Sant Pau), the PMU-34 (next to the Nou Estadi), in addition to Parcel les Iborra and PMU 13a and 13b, which are located in the Hermitage of La Salut and its surroundings.

PP54 and PP38 (The first next to the CIM del Camp and the other next to the Riu Clar industrial estate). It is proposed for industrial use.

PP40 (in the area of ​​Platja Llarga). The door to hotel use is opened.

PP58. A residential sanitary use is envisaged.

More Green Ring

340 new hectares of green area would win this green lung of Tarragona, taking into account that it is not expected to go ahead with projects such as Budellera and Mas d'en Sorder.

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