The homemade version of Nàstic, a compelling argument for Agné

To analyze the current situation of Raül Agné on the Nàstic bench, there are a series of certainties that more or less allow a simple examination, although always with different interpretations. If the Mequinenza coach plays it next Saturday in Las Gaunas, it is because of the team's road map as a visitor. There is not one type of complaint about the performance of granas in the Nou Estadi. The start was hesitant, but right now we see a competitive team, firm and capable of defeating two of the most solid projects so far this year. There are already three consecutive victories at home and the last two have added value, because of how. Not only was it won, but it was played well.

Against Numancia it was not an easy day for anyone. The grana fief was the scene of the first trial of the Mequinenza coach who sat on the bench knowing that only a victory against his people was worth him to keep the position for one more week. Then he would have to win in Las Gaunas, but first he had to tie the first win at home and in front of him was a high-flying team.

Perhaps an expectant Nou Estadi was expected and eager to show its disgust with the team's trajectory, but the truth is that the team found some stands that supported it from minute one of the match. They immersed the game in a context of normality that helped play the game like any other. Perhaps there was one of the keys to the grana victory.

In the end it was won and the third consecutive victory was achieved at home. Numancia and Murcia have fallen into the grana fiefdom and have given it air. Agné maintains the position and Nàstic continues to grow. Beyond the results, these last two games make it clear that the team's line of play is on the rise. Not only do you win, but you are seeing a grana team that is increasingly recognizable and that competes better. He wins and convinces and he only has to sign an identical game and result away from home to definitively place the grana project in a relative naturalness that would help everyone.

Nàstic has played two good games at home in two meeting contexts in which it has been the protagonist, but it has been able to adapt. Against Murcia it was more of an exchange of blows, while against Numancia everything was slower. In both game scenarios he was the winner and that generates peace of mind.

The numbers don't lie and Nàstic has regained that firmness as a local that it exhibited last year at home. We must not forget that Raül Agné is the coach who completed the best start to the season in the history of the current Nou Estadi Costa Daurada with five consecutive victories.

This year they lost four points of the six that were at stake in the first two days at home. That is now old news because the nine out of nine they have achieved in the last three home games have once again made them a fearsome team at the Nou Estadi Costa Daurada. 10 out of 15 points at home is the baggage presented by Nàstic.

Another clean sheet

Beyond the victory and the good game, another of the great news that the victory at the Nou Estadi left behind is that the clean sheet reigned at home for the second time this season. Against Amorebieta it was achieved for the first time and against Numancia it was repeated.

The difference is that in one the game without the ball reigned more than the team, while against the Sorianos they knew how to defend with the ball, which is the record that Nàstic is getting better and better at.

Nothing is a coincidence and in this statistic Manu García, Josema and Joan Oriol had a very influential weight, who exhibited an excellent version to help the donut. The Nou Estadi returns the smile. Now it's time to win away.

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