The Great Festival of the Calçotada de Valls will be a route of gastronomy and territory

The calçot season has begun and the Valls Chamber of Commerce has presented the campaign for the Great Calçotada Festival, which will be held on Sunday 29 January next year.

In this 41st edition, the new graphic image is already known and the first novelties were brought forward, among which the organization of a space for calçot tastings in the Agricultural Cooperative stands out.

Tickets will be sold, as every year, at Valls Town Hall, in Plaça del Pati, at the Instituto de Estudios Vallencs and at the ONCE booths (under Plaça de los Quarters and Font de la Mancha).

To attend the tastings it will be necessary to pick them up in the same cooperative so as not to create crowds in the center of the city. The space will be specially enabled to bake and be able to eat the calçots at tables, with a forecast of some 2,000 participants.

This change has come about after receiving complaints from neighbors, who claimed that the streets ended up full of calçots because people ate them everywhere.

The president of the Valls Chamber of Commerce, Josep M. Rovira, said that "we will create a space for tasting calçot that is much more dignified than having to sit in the streets of Valls."

On the other hand, work is being done to definitively promote the Sustainable Calçotada brand, a project that aims to make calçotades more ecologically conscious with advice to better reuse them and avoid using disposable plastics as much as possible.

In addition, they want to implement the Calçotada de Valls quality seal together with the IGP Calçot de Valls. In this way, the restaurants that make the traditional calçotada can be recognized with this distinction that will certify the quality of the products of the territory.

The IGP forecasts some 20 million units of certified calçots for this season, which has barely started. However, we will have to wait to see if this figure is reached, due to the little rain and the drought in recent months, according to the president of the IGP, Dalmaci Clofent.

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Along with this year's sponsors, Salses Fruits and Castell d'Or, they also want to promote an agreement with the DO Tarragona that brings gastronomic experiences with calçots and products from the territory.

For its part, the DO Tarragona will advise restaurants according to the wines and cavas they have on their menus to pair the products. The president of Castell d'Or, Adrià Rabadà, claimed the role of each of the parties of the festival with the commitment to the territory. "That is the synergy that we are all looking for, that the calçotada is accompanied by products from the land," said Rabadà.

For his part, the manager of Salses Fruits, Francesc Sans, presented the batch of two sauces to accompany the calçots. This package includes a sauce for calçotada and aioli to accompany the meat.

According to Sans, this improved batch aims to "facilitate" the consumption of calçots for people who are outside or who are not familiar with calçotadas.

The mayor of Valls, Dolors Farré, closed the presentation of this start of the season by thanking all the collaborators and organizers of the event and affirming that the calçot is "the gastronomic treasure" of Valls.

The party will feature traditional acts such as the calçots eating contest, but the program is about to be defined.

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