The Government defends the application of Plaseqta in the Constantí sulfur fire

Workers from the Constantí industrial estate assure that they did hear the first sirens around four in the afternoon on Monday, which alerted them to the fire declared to AFEPASA.

The fire, which has been extinguished this morning, occurred in a sulfur warehouse and generated sulfur dioxide. Some of the employees explain that they left the industrial area when the alarms sounded, while others regret that they were not notified by mobile messaging.

“We noticed that our throats were itchy and later our heads ached”, said Jaume Rossell, sales representative for Som3 Subministres.

From AFEPASA they say that they are awaiting the evaluation of the experts to quantify the damage and the cleaning tasks to return to normality.

The times of Plaseqta, "correct"

For its part, the Government defends that Plaseqta worked. The spokeswoman, Patrícia Plaja, has defended that the activation times of the emergency plan for the fire in a sulfur factory in Constantí were “correct”.

At a press conference, Plaja recalled that the company was not classified as dangerous but that once the Firefighters arrived and saw that what was burning was sulfur and that there could be an affectation, the plan was activated "immediately". “The answer was correct”, Plaja insisted. The spokeswoman has assured that the emergency plan for chemical risk, the Plaseqta, is an "absolute priority" for the Government.

He added that accidents like the one on Monday demonstrate the need to have this type of plan and carry out drills like the one carried out last week. He has pointed out that this year's budget in relation to this plan has been multiplied by four.

On the other hand, he has said that he is working on the warning system for other estates and has guaranteed that if there is room for improvement, it will be considered and work will continue.

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