The Giant of the Porra and the Geganta de Valls celebrate the wedding of brilliant

They are in charge of leading the procession of Corpus Christi de Valls and appear in practically all the celebrations of the city. The current Gigante de la Porra and La Giganta were made in 1947 –at Casa Paquita, in Barcelona– and, therefore, now celebrate the wedding of diamonds.

They replaced similar giants from 1764, which are attributed to Lluís Bonifàs and which were very deteriorated, recalls Albert Oliva, president of the Union of Rings of the Llama, the entity that since 1992 assumes the figures, which are municipal property. On the other hand, the Lladrefaves piece, from the same year 1764, is the same as it is today.

In the second half of the 20th century, the one who made the giants dance – like the Eagle – was the staff of the Municipal Brigade, who charged for the task. In the early 1990s it was a family linked to the brigade. It was from the festival of 1992 when the UAF took it over.

In 1992, the City Council also commissioned to find the musical repertoire for the giants to dance, as the Eagle did. «The giants preserve a musical repertoire from the end of the 19th century per crow. It is quite extensive, such as marches, jacks, balsets, etc”, recalls Oliva.

He adds that the giants are one of the groups in the country that preserve a greater repertoire. In the middle of the 20th century «the theme of the crow is in the doldrums and, furthermore, grallers are lacking. So, the City Council decides that it is a music band that accompanies the giants. And so it was done until 1992, when with the UAF they came out again with a grill and drum». "All the pieces that are touched are recovered, they date from at least the 19th century."

get the music back

"Different musicians, including Francesc Sans and Roser Olivé, have carried out a great deal of research to recover this music," says the president of the Union of Rings of the Flame. «These are pieces that were inventoried or included in the Joan Amades songbook». Now there are a dozen garments.

Albert Oliva points out that in the last ten years improvements have been made to both giants. In 2014 they premiered costumes, in 2015 some new crowns and in 2017 they were restored – a task that is usually carried out every ten years.

By protocol, the giants cannot leave Valls and they only do so exceptionally, "specific circumstances must be given." The last time was last May in Vilanova i la Geltrú, as a guest couple, since every year the local group invites some historical giants.

Currently, the group is made up of about twenty people, and on each outing there are about fifteen. The youngest carry the giants and the oldest, the giants.

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