The gas explosion in the Rambla Nova could be a negligence

A loud noise shook yesterday's Sunday after-dinner conversation in a large part of the Rambla Nova in Tarragona. A gas explosion inside the Japanese restaurant Koyo, located at number 26 (near the Balcó del Mediterrani), ended with a balance of seven injuries, five of a minor nature and two less serious, in addition to the breakage of windows in the shop window of the premises and the fall of the false ceiling.

All those affected were referred to the two public hospitals in the city: Santa Tecla and Joan XXIII, with SEM ambulances. Two of the victims were pedestrians and the other five were restaurant cooks. The deflagration took place shortly before 4:00 p.m., when the establishment was closed.

Calls to the 112 emergency telephone number began to come in at 3:57 p.m. and Bombers activated a total of seven crews, the Guàrdia Urbana de Tarragona several patrols, Mossos also their support units and the SEM also took half a dozen ambulances there to act before possible injured people.

wrong handling

The causes of the gas explosion are still uncertain and the report that Mossos will prepare will take a few days to know the main hypothesis of what happened.

However, the Diari learned from sources familiar with the case that one of the main hypotheses that must be endorsed is the possible negligence of the local workers.

That same morning, the restaurant notified the distribution company because they had noticed a strong smell of gas in the kitchen. The company sent its technicians, who detected a leak in a pipe that gave access to one of its appliances. The stopcock was cut and sealed.

In the afternoon, once the Bombers, Mossos, Guàrdia Urbana and technicians were able to enter the interior of the premises, it was seen that the seal from the morning was broken, which could indicate that someone had manipulated the key of the leaking pipe.

The shock wave from the explosion swept away glass and the false ceiling of some of the rooms. It also damaged a shop on Calle Armanyà, with which this building on Rambla Nova is on the corner.

With the wounded treated and transferred, the premises were reviewed. First Bombers and then the municipal architect visited the premises and the building, guaranteeing its structure.

The mayor, Pau Ricomà, came to find out first-hand what had happened. He did so accompanied by the Minister of Citizen Security, Cristina Guzmán. The mayor explained that the explosion had taken place when the restaurant was closed and this prevented an even greater tragedy.

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