The future POUM passes the first procedure and goes to the roof of the citizenry

The future POUM of Tarragona passes the first step, almost two years after the ruling of the Supreme Court that annulled the 2013 plan. With fourteen votes in favor and thirteen against, yesterday the plenary session of Tarragona approved the preliminary draft of the new plan, which makes it possible to launch the new phase in which the citizenry will be the protagonist. "It's not the end of anything, it's the beginning of everything," he said. Councilor for Territory, Xavier Puig.

The debate in the Palau Municipal was tense and began with the request by the PSC to withdraw this item from the agenda, alleging that "there has been no prior consultation with sufficient guarantees for people to participate". Likewise, Begona Floria defended that the draft that was being voted "does not give room" for participation, since it is "excessively detailed."

The petition was unsuccessful, despite the fact that all the opposition parties, with the exception of PAEjoined the vote forced by the PSC. So the plenary went on as planned.

The councilman of Territori stated that the draft has been made from "humanistic values" that seek to "empower citizens" to define a city model that, according to the government, has clear objectives. These are the cohesion of the city, accessibility, security, urban recycling, as well as housing. «What we propose is to fill Tarragona with life, with a strong center, well-connected neighborhoods and more Anella Verda», he said. On the contrary, Puig defended the need to "aspire not to repeat the mistakes" of the old plan, "very expansive" and "under cover of the bullish cycle of the real estate bubble".

The person in charge of Territori recalled that "the rules incorporate their own countdown" and that of the three years of validity set by the Generalitat, one has already elapsed. "There are two years left before we return to the plan of 95which would be a bump. It is not this government that is in a hurry, it is Tarragona that has the challenge », he justified.

Avoid taking risks

the PSC he was belligerent. "We don't like how they are doing it and that the POUM is used to campaign," said the spokeswoman for the municipal group, Sandra Ramos. This assured that the participatory process that has to be launched in the coming weeks "seems fantastic to us." Despite this, she defended that, according to the law, this had to be done "in both moments" to avoid "taking risks" and that there be a sentence that annuls the work done. Ramos issued a final warning to the municipal government. «Practically half of the plenary have voted against. It is not a very good sign to start like this », he said.

Since Together for Tarragona, Dídac Nadal he emphasized the "need to grow in inhabitants and housing" and attributed it to the dilation in time in terms of the processing of urban figures. “Every time we want to develop a plan, it takes ten years.” Instead, he applauded some aspects that are introduced as in the railway field, despite the fact that he stated that "it is only a document of intent, subject to any change."

The other government partner, that is, the BOWL, He also spoke about the future growth of the city, although the anti-capitalist formation is in favor of "an urban model of containment." "We cannot continue to grow as it has been done," he said. Eva Miguel Gasconwho acknowledged that the proposal "does not 100% reflect any political profile of the group, but it does reflect some city objectives."

The couperos they welcome "the new centrality of the Francolí" and consider it "essential" to take a step forward to convert the Horta Gran into an agricultural park. Likewise, Miguel explained that the main challenges of the POUM affect the "consolidated city".

The favorable vote of the councilor of In Common We Can, Àngels Pérez, It made it easier for the government that the vote could go ahead and the participatory process will start on November 8, which will last until March of next year. Pérez sees this debate as a "great opportunity" for the residents, to "draw a nearby Tarragona for everyone" and in which "it stops saying I'm going to Tarragona, to say I'm going to the center."

Following the approval of this draft, the mayor of the city, Pau Ricoma, he congratulated himself on this first step. «The initial difficulty has become a great opportunity for the city that allows us to have a POUM at the height of the 21st century», she pointed out. The municipal head also invited the parties to "turn the page, change their attitude and add." Now a period of two months opens to formulate consultations and contributions by the citizens, while progress is made in the participatory process from which the first document will emerge. Of course, for the initial approval it will be necessary to wait until the next mandate.

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