The furniture and wood sectors show strength and stability in Sénia

Stable situation for the furniture sector, economic engine of the Sénia, despite the various price increases that have occurred in recent times due to the rise in raw materials and energy. However, these increases occurred with more intensity than now, according to the shopkeepers consulted. “Inflation started already during the confinement, so prices increased up to two or three times. Despite the war in Ukraine and its consequences, we have been at the same prices for six months,” says Fermín Pastur, manager of Muebles Bustos.

This store is one of the oldest in the Federation of Furniture Merchants of La Sénia (FECOMS), which has nine stores, located at the entrance to the municipality between the Ulldecona and La Sénia roads. Bustos, like other stores that generally offer furniture, have sought to diversify their product and differentiate it, offering other possibilities for the home. «We have opted to dedicate one of the floors of the building to exhibiting quality Italian cuisine. We also present tailor-made changing rooms”, exemplifies Pastur. Many of the companies elaborate the entire interior design project. "You have to invest in the business and it is innovating every day," emphasize the furniture makers.

Consolidated clientele

La Sénia offers both global stores (with all kinds of furniture) and specialized in some specific products, for example sofas, as is the case of the current president of FECOMS, Domingo Mestre Verge, who notes "the stability of the sector at the moment" .

Furniture sellers opt for local suppliers (especially from Sénia, Ulldecona and the neighboring region of Maestrat), Catalans, Valencians, from Spain and Portugal or Italy, mainly.

The majority of clients are from the region, although they continue to come from Tarragona and Barcelona

The majority of clients are regional, they also continue to come from the provinces of Tarragona and Barcelona. These are often families who already know the stores because their parents bought furniture and now they come with their children.

The raffles and promotions that have been carried out this weekend, on the occasion of the Festival, encourage the presence of buyers. The winner of the free shopping raffle was Mercè Carbó, from Sénia, for a value of 1,300 euros, at Estellé Furniture.

Crafts Fair

Coinciding with the Furniture Festival, the Sénia held the 14th Wood and Furniture Crafts Fair this weekend. This year there have been 38 exhibitors (six more than last year) in the multipurpose pavilion. The event will continue to grow, as confirmed by Pablo Bustos, from the Asociación Artesanía de la Sénia. "There will be thirty percent of artisans, many of whom have not been able to exhibit this year due to lack of space." For Bustos, «they come so that we take great care, we offer a closed space, with lighting and good conditions. In fifteen days we filled all the available stands».

The Wood Crafts Fair expands the number of artisans and expects more in the next edition

The artisans who received the two prizes for pieces of original woodwork will surely repeat. Both premiered at La Sénia, the winner, Dana Oprea (from Tortosa), believes that "the award is important because it gives me visibility and allows me to make myself known." Oprea was awarded for a lamp designed with sustainable material. She has a website and aspires to open a store in Tortosa.

Fidel Colomé, from Bages, won the second prize for a handmade amphora and in turn: “We are very happy with the award. We propose a useful craft applied to kitchen utensils and garments beyond the ordinary.

The prize for the best local craft piece, by popular vote, went to Corbathorn, a small bottle of olive wood and green resin ointment.

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