The FC Andorra of 2021/22, a mirror in which to look

The First RFEF championship has completed its first stage. The one with ten days. Time that coaches and sports directors usually claim to start assessing the performance of their teams. At Nàstic, these two and a half months of competition have given to put the rope around the neck of coach Raül Agné, to free him, to fall to the relegation zone and even to sleep in play-off positions. A roller coaster of emotions so stressful that it seems difficult to endure until the end of the season.

The nerves in Tarragona are unleashed quickly. If the team is not at the top of the table from the first day, the rumors are already triggered and the foundations of some projects that always aim for the top begin to burn: direct promotion to the Second Division. The will of the grana club is that this path to professional football be straight. Like the one that Racing Santander went through last year, positioning itself in the first places since almost the beginning of the competition. But the journey is almost never that easy and always includes ups and downs. Raül Agné, in the run-up to the match against SD Logroñés, gave the most recent example of that winding journey, FC Andorra. Eder Sarabia's team were promoted to the Second Division after a rather complicated start to the season. As much as the one that Nàstic has had this year.

The club owned by Gerard Piqué reached matchday ten of the last league with the same points that the Grana team currently has, in this same situation: 15 points. Same balance of wins (4), draws (3) and losses (3). Those from Principat reached the figure after beating Cornellà at the Estadi Nacional (2-1), while Nàstic achieved it with their first away win at Las Gaunas, against SD Logroñés (1-2). Precisely, one of the surprising differences between Andorra last year and Nàstic this season is that Eder Sarabia's men had not won any of their away games. In fact, it cost him to sign his first win away from his stadium. He did not arrive until matchday 14 in his visit to Sabadell (0-1).

The 15 points have served Nàstic to climb to eighth position in the table. One more than the one that Andorra had last year, which was ninth.

One of the statistical aspects that differentiates Andorra from the previous season is the number of goals conceded. For a little, yes. Agné's team has conceded two more goals. In so many scored, both equal the number, 12.

Nàstic, in the play-off zone

Where was Nàstic on matchday ten of the last league? Well, curiously, he only had three points more than this course. The five consecutive victories at the Nou Estadi balanced the lousy visiting numbers. While the Andorrans aspired to recover lost ground in a rough start to the league, Nàstic slept in play-off positions after drawing at home against Sevilla Atlético. Three points separated both teams at that time. A distance that vanished the following day. Eder Sarabia's team beat Betis Deportivo (2-0) and Nàstic lost in San Fernando by 2-0. It was the beginning of the acute phase of the Grana team -seven days without winning- that they would no longer be above the Andorrans in the entire competition.

Statistically, the comparison between both teams holds up, although on the green, nothing differs more than Agné's Nàstic and Sarabia's Andorra. Two coaches with two different concepts regarding their football. One lover of position football, the other of verticality.

Andorra was gaining confidence. His game took hold and he ended up dominating the group with an iron fist. A formula that, although with different ingredients, wants to combine Nàstic to achieve the same goal.

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