The empty ICUs due to covid in Tarragona are over

It had been weeks since there had been people admitted to Intensive Care Units, in Tarragona, due to the coronavirus.

According to the report offered by the Sistema d'Informació per a la Vigilància d'Infeccions a Catalunya (SIVIC), there had been no cases of people in the ICU in Tarragona hospital centers since October 16. Before, we must go back to September 17. There were three people in total who were only in intensive care for 24 hours. Now, there is a person in the ICU since November 5, in a center in Terres de l'Ebre, according to said report. In addition, there was also a case, on November 1, of a person who was admitted with coronavirus to a health center in Camp de Tarragona.

No deaths and positives drop

On the other side of the coin, data such as deaths, positive cases or hospital admissions appear. In all three cases, the news is positive.

At the last count, from October 31 to November 6, there have been no deaths from coronavirus.

In addition, on the same dates and compared to the previous SIVIC count (from October 24 to 30), positive cases of covid have decreased by 71 people. If a week ago we were talking about 403 positives (292 in Camp de Tarragona and 111 in Terres de l'Ebre), in a week they have dropped to 332 (251 and 81).

Finally, there are 6 fewer people with coronavirus admitted to hospitals. In Camp de Tarragona it has gone from 23 to 19 and, in Terres de l'Ebre, from 8 to 6. Therefore, there are now 25 patients suffering from covid and who are admitted to the province of Tarragona for the 31 of seven days ago.

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