The day of Santa Úrsula hopes to be a party of castles without lining in Valls

The end of October is synonymous with great castles in Plaça del Blat. Santa Úrsula returns, after the performance that took place last 2021, as normal, and with more enthusiasm than ever. The hangover from the Castells Contest has not caused the two Valls groups: the Colla Vella Xiquets de Valls, and the Colla Joves Xiquets de Valls to slow down in their rehearsal patios.

The Colla Vella lost the Castells Contest. They already started without being able to download 2d8sf, and a crash of 4d9sf conditioned their performance. Those in the pink shirt have wanted to reinforce themselves these days, and their intention is to show that they are that great gang capable of doing everything they set out to do and that they touched the sky of the castells in 2019.

For its part, the Colla Joves Xiquets de Valls, came out of the contest very strong mentally, but last week, they had some problems with the 3d9f in El Vendrell, and returned home with their heads down. With a week to spare, they have been fattening up the machinery to be able to achieve the objectives they want in the Plaza del Blat.

At twelve-thirty there will be a draw to find out which group is in charge of opening the performance, and from there the pieces will begin to move on the game board. Colla Vella is clear that they want to show the dominance they have with the castells without lining. In the test they have re-downloaded 2d8sf several times, and they have also tested 3d9sf. They have clearly shown that they want to download 4d9fp, but they have also not abandoned 4d9sf, nor pd8fm. A Vella with the need to do a lot of homework before the end of the season to give a blow of authority.

The Colla Joves Xiquets de Valls also wants to show its dominance with the castells without lining. In fact, in the Concurs de Castells, he already did it, but he couldn't download the 2d8sf, which they want this Sunday. They also have the 4d9sf in their portfolio, which they did download, and they could get the thorn out of not having been able to do it with the 5d9f that they have taken to the square twice, and in a year where they have executed sixteen 5d8s splendidly. We will see if it is the day where the Red Devils unload everything, and they score one of the best performances in their history and in the casteller world, since no group has ever unloaded two unlined human towers and an extra lined range, one more incentive by those in the red shirt. It should be noted that they have also worked on 3d9sf, but have downloaded pd8fm, which will not be able to reach this day.

This performance will be the last of the year in the Plaza del Blat in Vallensa, and the penultimate where the two Vallenques groups will meet, which will be seen again in November at the Vila-rodona fair, to put an end to their season.

The day of the 3d9sf

The last castellera performance that could be carried out without any restriction from Santa Úrsula was in 2019. A historic day that was engraved in the retina of many people who were in that square or who followed it anywhere in the territory. It was the Diada, where for the first time in the history of the castells, two 3d9sf were loaded. It is an unprecedented structure, which had already been tested on other occasions, and had been one step away from charging, but the fin had never been seen. The two colles vallenques did it, adding another historical milestone.

Both human tower groups have returned to work this year, but it seems that La Vella is the one most determined to throw it away. However, it is Valls and they are castells and nothing can ever be ruled out.

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