The Civil Guard keeps an eye on cannabis stores

This past Wednesday, November 9, the Tarragona Civil Guard carried out a total of 19 inspections administrative to establishments dedicated to the sale and cultivation of products related to cannabis. The ones known as grow tents They are businesses that provide advisory services, sale of seeds, lighting, fertilizers, pH meters, ventilation equipment or cabinets for the indoor cultivation of Cannabis plants.

This type of trade is subject to different regulations related to seed certification, plant health and the sustainable use of phytosanitary products, whose non-compliance favors criminal organizations when it comes to providing essential seeds and tools for the illicit activity of growing marijuana.

50 members of the Civil Guard have participated in the operation and various specialties of the body with competences in Catalonia have participated in a coordinated manner, such as the Judicial Police and Protection and Fiscal investigation together with support personnel from Citizen Security.

The establishments inspected were in the municipal districts of: Tarragona, Reus, Vila-seca, Valles, Torredembarra, Salou, El Vendrell, Cambrils, Calafell, Amposta and Tortosa.

Once the inspections of the 19 premises have been completed, 28 complaints have been recorded, 1 person investigated, 203 marijuana cuttings, 35,199 immobilized seeds and 54 immobilized containers of phytosanitary products. The penalties for this type of offence, depending on whether they are minor, serious or very serious, can range from 300 euros to 3 million euros.

The person investigated in Salou is charged with a crime against public health for the cultivation and preparation of drugs for which police proceedings have been initiated that will be made available to the judicial authority.

The actions have been carried out in Tarragona, Reus, Vila-seca, Valls, Torredembarra, Salou, El Vendrell, Cambrils, Calafell, Amposta and Tortosa

With regard to the infractions that have been located, they are related to the bulk sale of seeds and nursery plants, with plant health for the sale of phytosanitary products without authorization, and with the control and certification of seeds of textile plants and with the sustainable use of plant protection products.

These actions are part of the National Action Plan against Organized Crime associated with the Production and Trafficking of Marijuana, of the Secretary of State for Security, whose purpose is to respond to the enormous growth that the marijuana market has experienced, positioning itself as one of the main threats related to public health.

The Plan is structured around three objectives: Increase the detection and dismantling of groups, the reduction of distribution channels and the logistical favoring of the destruction of plants and tools for cultivation.

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