The chemical accident drill, a success in the streets and shops

6:30 p.m. this Wednesday was the moment in which the citizens of Tarragona were put to the test. Some points in the capital, La Canonja, Vila-seca or Salou were the protagonists of a chemical accident drill that had been planned with the sole objective of making citizens aware of the importance of following the protocols in these cases, in case someone day they have to be put into practice in real life.

In the minds of many, the tragedy in Iqoxe continued, which ended with one person dead. Therefore, in the neighborhood of Torreforta the collaboration was maximum.

In the Civic Center of that neighborhood, right in the area where the victim of more than two years ago had to mourn, everyone responded positively. About 70 children confined themselves inside the facility, which closed the doors at the moment in which the alarms began to sound. Some clueless person who was walking down the street took the opportunity to enter the Civic Center itself, so the siren test also served to verify that many left their chores to participate in said activity.

The bars in the same area also more than complied. The waiters informed minutes before the hour H that the clients should confine themselves inside the establishment. Said and done. Some, beer in hand, obeyed without question. Later, lowering of the blinds and everyone confined.

In addition, two buses coincided on the same street, also in the Torreforta neighborhood. There, an inspector from the Tarragona Municipal Transport Company (EMT) reported on the steps to be followed and the passengers listened to him attentively, at the same time that they received alert messages on their mobile phones, which also worked as planned.

in the canon

Another of the places where there was intrigue to know what the reaction of the population would be were the supermarkets. At Consum, in La Canonja, the doors were not closed completely, but customers were informed that they should remain inside the establishment, since a drill was taking place.

Everything was announced over the loudspeaker, although the vast majority of customers were already aware of the existence of said drill because they had been able to read about it in the media.

The sports facilities were also prepared for the drill.

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