The Bara de Reus Foundation turns to private companies to have more income

The Mossèn Frederic Bara i Cortiella Foundation in Reus is still looking for more sources of income as it has not received public aid this year. For this reason, it resorts to private enterprise, something it did before (but now with "more intensity"), to seek alternative routes and thus survive. Months ago, the entity even enabled the Bizum option for donations with the number 05329. And the fact is that the foundation has previously described its economic situation as “underfunded”.

On the other hand, the conversations with the City Council continue, from where both parties seek lines of collaboration in order to solve the financial situation of the entity. The amount of this subsidy covered an "important" part of the service provided by the Fundació Bara to more than a hundred families at risk of social exclusion, with dependent children and adolescents. Despite not having obtained it, they remember from the entity, "we have not stopped providing the service, because the need for vulnerable families with children grows." The entity emphasizes that they notice it for the requests that remain on the waiting list.

"We maintain confidence"

The member of the board of trustees of the Fundació Bara, Felip Vidiella, explains about the crystallization of a future municipal agreement that "we maintain confidence, but progress is slow, meanwhile we cannot stop". “You have to keep looking for new collaborations with companies that continue to make contributions or even choose to sponsor you,” says Vidiella. Waiting, he insists, not "we will stay, because there is always a need on the part of the citizenry."

In fact, among the actions carried out by the Foundation to obtain more income, is that of selling the Christmas lottery. “Something that we have been doing for a long time and that supposes an additional entry of money that always goes well”, says Vidiella.

The member of the board of trustees of the Bara Foundation also adds that they will be beneficiaries of the proceeds from the solidarity concert on November 19 at the Prioral of San Pedro (8 pm). The choir of the Rovira i Virgili University will perform at the event, promoted by the Reus Chamber of Commerce and the Mémora Foundation, which bears the cost of bringing out the choir. In the words of the manager of Mémora in Tarragona, Javier Ríos, he details that the event will be reverse box office and it is the second in which we participate in Reus. The proceeds will go to the benefit of the Bara Foundation and "having partnered this summer with La Unión de Tiendas de Reus, the lots of the solidarity raffle, which will be held once the concert ends, will have very varied products."

Vidiella expresses that the Fundació Bara usually has a waiting list of families and at the moment there are about “20 children, who cannot be left without help, but who are still waiting”. He recalls that the triage they carry out when choosing a family is "thorough" and that when they accept a child or adolescent "we don't usually have them for just one year, but usually for a season." The team that is in charge of the Fundació Bara also carries out a task of monitoring young people, which they consider "fundamental".

The families

The families, for their part, consider that the Fundació Bara provides them with "essential" help and the group of young people that is formed becomes a "family". "Right now I couldn't do without the entity, because they take care of my children there and I can reconcile thanks to their work since 2017, approximately," says Hanane, who has her two teenage children doing different activities at the Fundació Bara. Hanane learned of the existence of the place through her sister, who "has already been linked for 10 years", because she has also taken her children. “There they do their homework, go on excursions and make friends with other young people. Even parents help us manage administrative procedures, "adds the woman. In fact, he explains that one of the "difficulties" in which the staff of the Foundation "helps a lot" is due to the digital gap: "Many people do not have internet at home and here they give you a hand so that you can move forward. This center is very necessary, especially for foreign people. I hope it lasts for many more years."

Another case is that of Míriam, also the mother of two children who have been attending Fundació Bara for some time. «I met them through my aunt and there they help my children to review the tasks of the Institute. The oldest, who is 16 years old, entered with four. It's been many years and the truth is that I'm satisfied, "says Míriam. The user corroborates what Hanane also pointed out: «If as a mother or father, you have any problem, you can always turn to them. I would recommend it to everyone, nor do I consider what I would do without Fundació Bara».

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