The architect Saül Garreta will preside over the Port of Tarragona

Tarragona architect Saül Garreta will be the new president of the Port of Tarragona starting next Thursday. This is confirmed by sources from the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), a formation that, for the first time in history, will have the presidency of this institution. Until now, this leadership had always been in the hands of the PSC or the converged environment. Garreta will replace Josep Maria Cruset, from Junts, who leaves the presidency after the departure of his party from the Generalitat government. The new president is an architect by profession and an entrepreneur at heart. He has been a member of ERC for two years but, until now, he has not held any position in the party. Garreta will be appointed president of the Port next Thursday, by the Minister of Territory of the Generalitat, Juli Fernández, and after being ratified by the central government – ​​on whom the institution depends.

Saül Garreta Puig was born in Tarragona and is 50 years old. Architect, urban planner and businessman. This is how he defines himself. Garreta graduated in Architecture in the specialty of building at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He also completed a Professional Master's Degree in Territorial and Urban Studies, organized by the UPC and Pompeu Fabra.

Garreta leads a firm of architects, together with another partner, and presides over Reviving Solanell, a cooperative that has recovered an abandoned town in Alt Urgell. In addition, he is also a founding member of the cooperative La Fábrica de la Transición, which has worked on the recovery of a textile industrial colony in El Catllar. He is in love with the social economy.

At a business level, it has launched proposals for organic gardens, adventure sports and even electric vehicles. As an architect, Garreta has put his signature on projects such as the Urban Improvement Plan 14 –which refers to the Ermita de la Salut in Tarragona–, the reform of the Xiquets del Serrallo premises, the residence of the Mercedes of Tarragona or the comprehensive reform of the Diputació building, among many others.

Garreta has been an ERC militant for two years. The closest she has come to politics was in 2015, when she was number 16 on Pau Ricomà's list for the municipal elections. «I was surprised that they thought of a profile like mine. I have never had any charge nor have I looked for it. What I do consider myself to be is an activist and businessman, who sees this opportunity as a way to serve the community," Saül Garreta explained yesterday to this newspaper. He assures that he faces the objective with great enthusiasm and recognizes the great task that his predecessor has carried out. "It's a challenge to live up to it," he added.

The new president of the Port has a very close link with the Part Baixa of the city and with El Serrallo. «My grandfather lived on Calle del Mar and every day he went to play the game at the now-defunct Puda restaurant. He had many friends in the neighborhood », explains Garreta.

The decision by ERC was made, more or less, about ten days ago. The mayor of Tarragona, Pau Ricomà, was in charge of summoning Garreta. The representatives of the formation presented him with the proposal and he did not hesitate for a moment. He decided to go ahead.

He will be appointed on Thursday

For their part, ERC sources explain that they were looking for a figure that met two basic requirements: that they dominate urban issues, taking into account the planned urban growth for the Port, and secondly, that they be from the city of Tarragona. "In addition, Garreta launches projects with a 21st century mentality, advanced in time," they explain from the republican formation. "He is an enterprising person, accustomed to different challenges."

Garreta will be appointed next Thursday by Minister Juli Fernández and in the previous days he will meet with the outgoing president to make an orderly and exemplary transfer.

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