Tarragona will run against pancreatic cancer

Next November 26, at 10 am, the Cursa de les Ciutats will be held for the first time in Tarragona. The event, which celebrates its eighth edition, comes to the city hand in hand with the Pancreatic Cancer Association (ACANPAN) to continue fighting against the disease.

Even though it is the first time that this event has been held in Tarragona, the race was born in 2015 in Alicante and Madrid. Since then it has been celebrated in more cities throughout Spain, such as Terrassa, Vilamartín de Valdeorras (Ourense), Murcia, or even in other European cities, such as Milan, Bologna and Rome, in Italy.

"The objective of the race is to raise funds that will go to research against Pancreatic cancer," says Katherine Gil, representative of ACANPAN in Tarragona, organizer of the event. For her part, the director of the Port City Department of the Port of Tarragona, Montse Adan, recognizes that it is "an honor" that the city and the Port participate in the eighth edition of the Cursa de les Ciutats. Adan hopes that the event will be "a resounding success and that it will be consolidated as an unavoidable annual event in Tarragona".

Dídac Nadal, president of Tarragona Markets and Minister of Commerce of the Tarragona City Council, invited all the people of Tarragona to participate in "a great festival day".

The Cursa de les Ciutats will have two modalities adapted to the abilities of the participants. A five kilometer walk and a popular timed race, with the same distance, for people over 16 years of age. The cost of registration for both formats is 11 euros and registration is now open on the test website. The organizers hope to reach 300 participants.

They are not the only two ways to collaborate. There is the possibility of making a donation with number 0 for those who cannot participate, but can collaborate and, on the other hand, the virtual race. This format is designed for those people who want to help and run, but the competition is not held in their city. The organization gives you a number and the participant does five free kilometers in their town.

The registration deadline will be next Wednesday, November 23, at 8:00 p.m. The collection of numbers will be done the next day at the Mercat Central.

beat the disease

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers that exist. The data does not invite optimism. The 5-year survival rate after detection of the disease is only 10%. The investigations for the search of the cure do not stop, but they do not have enough support.

ACANPAN's representative in Tarragona, Katherine Gil, regrets that only "2% of the scholarships awarded for research are dedicated to finding a cure for pancreatic cancer."

In this sense, the money from the registrations for the Cursa de les Ciutats will be used to finance the Carmen Delgado and Miguel Pérez Mateo scholarships, intended for research projects for new ways of preventing, diagnosing and treating pancreatic cancer.

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