Tarragona registers more than 1,000 evictions in 2021

The Association of Users of Banks, Savings Banks and Insurance of Catalonia, AICEC-ADICAE, has denounced this Saturday the strong increase in evictions and evictions of homes registered in the courts of first instance of Catalonia and has demanded "an effective legal moratorium" to stop them .

According to this association, releases for foreclosures increased by 65.20% in 2021, while evictions from the urban lease law increased by 59.8% compared to 2020.

In a statement, it has raised the need for "an authentic and effective legal moratorium" and the elevation of the rank of the so-called code of good practices, as well as more "control and supervision" measures of the bank's actions to deal with this high conflict linked to the right to housing.

AICEC-ADICAE has called for the approval of a moratorium of at least three years, as well as measures to protect consumers who have special problems paying their mortgages in the current context of high inflation and rising interest rates.

The organization sees "manipulated" and "interested" the current debate on the measures that banks mix to try to protect the most vulnerable consumers.

By provinces, Barcelona registered a total of 3,585 launches in 2021 compared to 2,969 in 2020; in Tarragona produced 1,034 (769 in 2020); in Girona, 914 (625 in 2020); and in Lleida, 315 (253 in 2020).

The bank users' association assures that, in practice, "the bank only aspires to avoid the adoption of regulatory measures that provide an effective response to the problems faced by some 350,000 families."

"Leaving the measures to respond to mortgage risks in the hands of the banks alone is not an option," said the president of the association, Manuel Pardos.

According to AICEC-ADICAE, the situation worsens in Catalonia when, after going through a foreclosure or dation in payment, "vulnerable families who get a rental contract see how it ends and the financial institution or the vultures of turn they do not want to renew their contract”.

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