Tarragona raises the garbage tax by 28%

The Government Team of the Tarragona City Council proposes to freeze the IBI taxes, the mechanical traction vehicle tax and the IAE. Instead, it proposes to modify the garbage rate, which will increase by 28% -that is, an average of 2 euros per month in the collection of domestic garbage- due to the obligation to comply with the new Law 7/2022, of 8 April, waste and contaminated soil. Currently, the entire cost is not covered by the collection.

This update of the garbage rate is due to three factors: one is the obligation to adapt to the new waste law that requires municipalities to collect for the service provided; the other is due to the rise in fuel prices and the third is because the current garbage contract is indexed to the CPI, which is more than 10%.

"With the new award, the review of the garbage contract will be linked to the cost structure where it will be reviewable according to the salary of the workers and the fuel, but it will not be linked to the CPI or the rest of the costs", explains the councilor of Economy, Treasury and Cleaning, Jordi Fortuny.

The informative commission to which the proposal for fiscal ordinances will be taken is this Friday, while the Plenary Council will be held on October 27.

Advanced and installment payment

Advance payment is also maintained with a bonus of 2.5% for taxpayers who take advantage of it. Likewise, the installment payment in ten monthly installments will be maintained for the bonus applied to citizens who pay taxes in advance, specifically in February.

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