Tarragona, official supplier of marijuana in Europe

The “stratospheric” cultivation of marijuana in Tarragona The Provincial Security Board held today is concerned, as reported at the end of its meeting by the president of the Tarragona Court, Joan Perarnau.

Perarnau has chaired the Board in which the chief prosecutor of Tarragona, María José Osuna, and the main commanders of the Mossos d'Esquadra, the Civil Guard and the National Police Corps.

In Tarragona have been seized 400,000 marijuana plants and adds as many interventions as the rest of Catalonia put together, which worries the judicial and police authorities.

The figures for cannabis production are “stratospheric” and “outrageous”, the president of the Court has pointed out.

This large volume places Tarragona as the “plantation of Europe” and it does not go back despite the fact that the interventions have also multiplied.

In addition, marijuana is also an engine of violent crimes by organized crime and increasingly dangerous due to the habitual use of weapons.

The balance made this Wednesday does not differ hardly from that of the Meeting held last August, despite the greater police coordination agreed at that time and the increase in actions, which also worries the authorities.

In addition to the power of drug trafficking, Tarragona also highlights the increase in sexual offenses.

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