Tarragona is left without Good Trade for the Christmas campaign

Tarragona is about to start its Christmas campaign and Black Friday. This time, it will not go hand in hand with the Bons Comerç, an initiative launched last year by the Tarragona City Council, and which had a very important commercial impact for the city, after two difficult years marked by the pandemic. The forecast is that the Bons Comerç campaign will be repeated in February and March of next year, in a new edition that is expected to be more austere.

According to the data given by the Consistory itself, with last year's Bons Comerç, the initial contribution was tripled, which meant that the people of Tarragona spent more than one and a half million euros in the commercial fabric of the city. Each citizen had a 50 euro discount to spend in shops and restaurants participating in the initiative. The only condition was that 15 euros had to be spent for every 5 euros of discount.

The non-continuity of the campaign is due to the lack of budget and the bad economic situation that the City Council is going through, according to municipal sources.

"The City Council must understand that I owe myself to the city's business"

Didac Christmas. Councilor for Commerce

The commercial initiative – which focused on the months of October, November, December and January of last year – was led by the Department of Commerce. The head of the department, Dídac Nadal (JxTGN), had the word of the rest of the municipal government – ​​headed by ERC – to give continuity to the proposal. Despite the councilman's insistence, the campaign could not be repeated this year due to lack of money.

"Every time I have put on the table the need for the city to relive a bond campaign, I have been told that the city had other priorities," says Nadal, who adds that "I have been very respectful of this issue , but you must understand that I owe myself to the businesses of the city». The Councilor for Commerce regrets that very close municipalities, such as Reus or Calafell, continue betting on this line and, on the other hand, Tarragona does not.

Nadal acknowledges that 500,000 euros – which is the amount that the City Council injected into the campaign last year – is a lot of money, taking into account the situation that the Consistory is currently going through. “But we think that the bonds can be adapted to the circumstances and limited in time, amount and quantity. Instead of being 50 euros, they can be 20, and instead it can last for so many weeks, that they do it for five days, for example, ”proposes Nadal.

Spring Edition

In any case, the Councilor for Commerce acknowledges that perhaps the Christmas campaign is the one that needs the fewest commercial incentives, taking into account that it is the time of year when the most sales are generated. «From the council, we will be in charge of dynamizing and entertaining, both on Black Friday and on Christmas days. We can find the problem at the beginning of next year, ”adds Nadal.

“We must wake up and not wait for the administration to solve it for us”

Salvador Minguella. Via T

For this reason, the councilor assures that he has the "solid commitment" of the City Council and those responsible for the economic area of ​​the Consistory, to inject a specific amount of money -between 100,000 and 200,000 euros-, with the aim of starting up some Bons Comerç, Spring edition, which will be released between February and March of next year.

The voice of the industry

The news of the non-existence of the Bons Comerç during this Christmas season has hit the commercial fabric of the city like a bucket of cold water. “I consider it to be a joke in bad taste, after how badly we had it during the pandemic. Any help is welcome", explains Florenci Nieto, president of Pimec Comerç Tarragona i Provincia, who adds that "a good part of the trade is dying and some politicians only think about the elections".

"A good part of the trade is dying and politicians only think about the elections"

Florence Nieto. Pimec Comerç Tarragona

Less forceful is Salvador Minguella, president of Via T -the city's main commercial association-, who believes that "bonuses made some sense last year after a few very bad months due to Covid. Now, the stores must function by themselves, we must wake up and not wait for the administration to solve it for us.

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