Tarragona dignifies two mass graves of the cemetery as a space of memory

Within the framework of the Democratic Memory of Tarragona of this year, today, Saturday, the act of dignity and marking of the two small graves located in the city cemetery was held.

The act, open to all citizens, has had the participation of the Minister of Memory History of the Tarragona City Council, Manel Castaño; the president of the Tarragona Forum for Memory association, Francesc Xavier Tolosana; the president of the Association of Victims of Francoist Repression in Tarragona, Montserrat Giné; and relatives of the victims who rest in the mass graves.

In these two places rest the remains of fourteen men who were sentenced to death and shot by the Francoist authorities between 1939 and 1940. The dignifying work that has been carried out has been promoted by the association Fòrum de Tarragona por la Memoria (FTM ) and has made them the Red Santa Tecla.

The search for the Tolosan historian

“The dignity of these two graves was a historical claim that this Saturday will become a reality. Fourteen tombstones of people shot by the Franco dictatorship have been located, which have become a testimony of their sacrifice in defense of republican legality", said the Minister of Historical Memory of the Tarragona City Council, Manel Castaño, who thanked "the perseverance and the work carried out by the Tarragona Forum for Memory”, as well as the work carried out by the Santa Tecla Network. "With these completed works, the process of dignifying the different mass graves that exist in the Tarragona cemetery is closed", Castaño underlined.

Thanks to the search of the historian Francesc Xavier Tolosana, it has been possible to identify the remains of the 14 people buried in the two dignified mass graves: Joan Manresa Vallespinós (45 years old), Restituto Ramos González (33 years old), Marià Barberà Villagrasa (35 years old ), Josep Giné Anguela (35 years old), Gregoria Masalias Torres (27 years old), Francesc Pascual Sas (30 years old), Joan Pellicer Palau (35 years old), Victorià Romeu Gatell (26 years old), Joan Salas Melich (42 years old), Salvador Cañellas Garriga (47 years old), Josep Capdevila Nuet (41 years old), Jaume Gras Guasch (49 years old), Rafael Grivé Grivé (22 years old), Jaume Pairot Fabra (32 years old). The executions of more than 700 people were carried out between 1939 and 1945 on the Oliva hill and inside the Tarragona cemetery itself.

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