Tarragona demands the diversion of the goods urgently

The Tarragona City Council agreed on an institutional declaration on the need for an "urgent" alternative that facilitates the diversion of rail freight traffic through the interior, beyond the definitive route that is being studied by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mithma).

The initiative went ahead as a result of a motion promoted by the Mercaderies per l'Interior platform, in which it is made clear that the process of "definition, drafting and execution" of the final project may involve "between twelve and fifteen years". For this reason, they demand that "an urgent provisional alternative be carried out in the interior, which avoids the passage of goods through the coastal towns, using the existing railway infrastructure."

The proposal made by the platform is that at Vila-seca the trains do not enter via the coast line, but continue north towards the AVE Camp de Tarragona station. Once there, they would join the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed line to L'Arboç, where they would join the conventional track again. This is a solution that implies several technical investments, among which the interconnection of tracks in L'Arboç is made. In addition to the technical aspects, the ministry does not see it with good eyes either since it defends that the AVE line will be saturated. "The platform engineers tell us that with political will the necessary investments can be made to adapt the tracks and the Royal Decree on rail transport of dangerous goods could be complied with, which clearly says that these must bypass populated areas if possible", explained the spokesman for this entity, Eugeni Sedano.

The goal is for the coastline to be exclusively for passenger convoys, whether for commuter, medium or long distance. And so it will be made known to both the Generalitat and the State Government so that it listens to this claim while work is being done on the studies of the final layout.

In this regard, the 27 members of the plenary maintain total unanimity and the objective now is that the municipalities of the north of the coast also join.

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